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Single Christian Women and Dating

2 Corinthians 6:14, Do not be unequally yoked together”.  To put this in contemporary terms make sure your hook is in the right pond.

7  Foundational  guidelines for single Christian Women and dating.

1. Dating non christian men is probably not a good idea. Date and marry a man  whose vision for the future is in line with your vision for the future and your life’s goals and dreams.

If your plan for the future is a college education, career, and marriage then you need to date a like minded individual.

2. Let your manner of dress and behavior reflect a  respectable woman who intends to be treated as such. It’s possible to be modest and stylish. Carry yourself in such a way that reflects  dignity and respect.

3. You’re single, keep your options open.  Marriage is a life time deal.

4. Have standards!  A man must qualify to date you.  It says in proverbs that the virtuous woman is more precious than rubies, and nothing that the man can ever desire will compare to her.

5. Don’t be afraid to dismiss someone you’re not feeling a connection with and or is not qualified to date you.

6. Dating is supposed to be fun. Don’t quiz the guy on how many bible verses he knows. Find out about him what he likes to do for fun.

7. Be lighthearted, have fun, dating is a journey of self discovery and discovery of people. You find out what you like what you don’t like, the things you can not live without. Most of all you’ll be progressing toward the person God has for you.


Dating your husbands!

Married Women Date your Husbands!  That’s right dating doesn’t stop when you get married.  Now you have the pleasure of dating your life mate. This is the part where maintenance begins! You buy a brand new Rolls Royce, it’s still going to need maintenance eventually, and your marriage is no different. You are now in a state of maintaining your relationship.

So many wives complain that the romance stopped, (i.e. flowers,time alone, dining out), when they got married.  Likewise men complained that sex stopped. I know, I know, you have the kids now and things aren’t as easy as they used to be.  There are more demands on your time and your sleep deprived.  Hear me now, “that’s no excuse”!  Throw out your excuses and get to work.  I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy.  What I will tell you is the truth, and that is that it takes a little extra effort to maintain your marriage over the years.

Tip #1
The first thing you want to do is make date night a priority!  Pick a day that’s best for you both agree on it, act on it!  I find that sometimes it’s best to pick a night during week to have date night, it breaks up the monotony of the week.  You don’t have to wait for the weekend, which more than likely is family time if you have kids.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, date nights are without the kids.  Just the two of you reconnecting!  Think of marriage as if it’s a sky scraper building, your marriage is the foundation and the various floors of the building are your kids.  A building will not stand if the foundation is not built properly.

Tip #2
Break out of routine in romance!  Don’t become predictable.  Please don’t always do the same in thing in the same way all the time, it equals boring!  For instance, lovemaking is not limited to the bedroom! Instead of going out on date night, send the kids out to their grandparents.  Or, to a fun outing for them.  Maybe the sitter takes them to an amusement park, or to a movie.  However you have to do it, the point is to snag a couple hours of alone time and get creative!  Perhaps a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace with a bottle of wine, (sounds good to me).  Sometimes getting away from home is just what the doctor ordered. Get a room!  Changing your surroundings can do wonders for a couple.

Tip #3
How long has it been since either of you have taken a vacation from work? (without the kids)  Start planning. I understand we have demanding careers, and it can be hard scheduling time off work.  If you are able to get away for a week great!  But if not short getaways, (a weekend trip) can do the trick also.

When you look your best you feel your best. Keep him attracted to the woman he fell in love with and he will look for ways to spend more time with you. Keep desire in your relationship!  Desire equals Passion!!

Importance of a woman’s Wardrobe

In this world like it or not books are judged by their covers! Your appearance matters!  Your appearance sends out messages to society and men. What messages are you sending out? Does your wardrobe say I’m a decent woman? Does it say I’m an educated, intelligent, respectable woman of God with respect for myself?  Do your clothes say that I’m loose, easy, and desperate? Does your wardrobe say I’m ready for a husband?  Or a one night stand?  Let’s face it, fair or not you are being judged. So yes God wants women to honor Him and themselves with their manner of dress. For the stylish contemporary woman of today like myself that doesn’t have to mean boring or giving up style. It’s possible to be modest and fashionable and suitable for the occasion.

Timothy 2:9 Women adorn themselves in modest apparel not ostentatious or pretentious.Not extreme or excessive.

Christians are to be an example to those around them. Their appearance and their actions should exude stability and good judgement.

The Virtuous Woman

Welcome Beautiful Women of God, and I am speaking of the beauty comes from within! To God be the Glory.

Verse of the day

Ruth 3:11 And now my daughter, fear not. I will do to thee all that thou requires for all the city of my people know that thou art a Virtuous Woman

Proverbs 31:10-31  She is more precious than rubies. All things that thou desire are not to be compared to her. Favor is deceitful  and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the lord shall be praised.

God’s Love and His goodness and His grace makes me want to be an excellent woman, to be the very best that I can be, to live out my full potential.  It’s a journey not a destination.  I want to encourage every woman reading this.  You can do it and you’ve got what it takes!

Hello World!

Welcome ladies, to the brand new Smart Christian Woman’s blog. The foundation for this blog is my book, “Smart Christian Woman’s guide to Life, Love and Fulfillment”.  It’s modern, contemporary and easy to understand for today’s woman.  Available online at,, and your book store order desk.  If you love the word of God it’s an excellent read.  Full of scripture and scripture interpretation.  First things first and for my very first post the Smart Christian Woman encourages you to read Matthew 6:33, Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added!