Healthy Lifestyle

Young woman eating apple and carrying a weight scale over white background

Healthy Eating and Healthy Living go hand in hand!

creating-healthy-salads2---salad-white-plate_s600x600   Crisp salads

wok stir fry

Cooking in a wok is a fun and healthy way to cook vegetables

trymetonightwinecheese1 Delicious fresh fruitml-pulse-729-soy-20130510123255358952-620x349 Soy

Some minor adjustments I made to my diet are;

#1 I recently started drinking soy milk instead of regular dairy. It taste great and is better for you and comes in delicious flavors like vanilla and almond.
#2 Use Virgin olive oil for cooking.
#3. A regular exercise regimen combined with lighter meals. Make an effective plan.

1. Have a goal

2. Plan your meals

3. Count your caloric intake

4. Weigh in

5. Be consistent

6. Be active

7. Have a regimen you can follow with healthier meals

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