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Your World is Out there, Connect.




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Christians want to be social and have fun, meet other like minded people like themselves just like everyone. With so many sites and so much information out there one has to research sites they think will be a good fit for them. Christian Singles events are available in every major city. They seem to be very well organized offering, singles cruises, dinners, dances, comedy, and classes.

Research your city for upcoming events. It’s an opportunity to fellowship with other singles. Have fun, hang out and perhaps who knows.  That hot christian guy will look across the room and see you, a beautiful young christian woman he can’t take his eyes off of.  You’re confident, happy, at ease, smiling and enjoying herself, he just may be prompted to come over and introduce himself.

As opposed to that  other attractive unapproachable woman with the sour look on her face. Newsflash: happy people want to be around other happy people, just works best that way. Perhaps you are a happy and confident girl, but feel a little socially awkward in crowds.

Maybe a better way for you is to meet online.  That way you can screen men in the privacy of your own home and only respond to qualified candidates.  Hey gotta start somewhere and if it results in meeting the love of your life excellent!  To God be the Glory.  Do you not know that as a Christian God wants us to enjoy our lives! So what are you waiting for? Connect!

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