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Mommy time Mangement

mommytime13015_c Mommy Time Management Tips


If your a mom juggling , kids ,career, husband, or a fulltime stay at home mom and wife life can get crazy reinforcing the mantra a woman’s work is never done. Your busy week look’s something like this.

article-1248800-012ED23B000004B0-333_468x286driving-with-kids-original-1 Driving the kids to school and to their activities.


Career Woman and or working from home with small kids.

Smiling businesswoman in office

woman-in-office-bored mom-reading-to-baby2

Christian-Business-Meeting- A_busy_mom

mother talking on a mobile phone while cooking with her daughter Cooking Meals.

woman-fixing-mans-pink-tie-w724 Support System.


old-man-smoke-and-woman-in-bed-619792 A Loving wife and Sex Goddess For your husband.

You love your family and your career but life can get a little overwhelming sometimes. A woman’s role is pivotal  to the family! Everyone is depending on you. Everyone is pulling from your  resources. It’s okay to need a break, to want a break. It’s okay and it’s human. Your not a terrible person to want time to yourself and don’t let family guilt trip you into thinking otherwise. 5 Tips to help the Mommy machine run smoothly.




2. motherhood-quoteapp-keep-in-mind-me-time


3. intro18 Organize your tasks. Best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Prioritize and do one thing at a time.


4. shutterstock_207789397  Do the things that make you feel good.


5. Mommys-Time-Out-Door-Hanger  Time Block. Set a block of time for yourself ,during that time you will not take care of anyone’s needs in the family until you’ve had your. It should be understood that you are not to be disturbed during this time.