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Domestic Violence

DomesticViolence (1)


Smart Christian’s Woman’s Guide to Life Love and Fulfillment book wants God’s women to be safe.

In addition to scripture and God’s word, the book also speaks to women’s issues , such as Rape, Homelessness, Hunger, Domestic Violence, and Drug Abuse.

You have to meet people where they are , before you can guide them to where they should be. The book lists local  outreach help across the U.S. for every major city.  Be strong.  Speak out.  Remove yourself from harm’s way! And if you’re being physically abused, please take a stand and press charges with the local authorities!

Go to your local library or a friend’s house to use a computer and get privacy, to make your next move of escape. This is especially true if there are children involved.

Go to and search for a shelter by state. They take women and children from abused families. Also go to

Christian Coalition Against Domestic Abuse. They are a good resource to help you going forward. The start of a NEW life violence free should motivate you to take the steps necessary to bring you and your children to safety. Making major changes are scary , but the Lord will be with you.



domesticViolence (2)Domestic+violence Effects Your spirit and mental and physical well being

848566_1386886353.3271_updDomestic-violence- Effects children emotionally psychologically and instills fear.

heres-what-domestic-violence-ads-look-like-in-the-middle-east20141006B-Domestic-Violence-Graphic-PROOF Let someone help you.

Print YWCA_final_CMYK_hrThere are alternatives



rihanna-domestic-violence-text-2888954-1440x900  Could happen to anybody