How to be a Respectable Woman



A Smart Christian Woman is a high quality Woman of value. She values herself and others, she’s considerate. Her priorities are in order she loves and values God most of all, which springs forth a correct way of living. She knows she’s an imperfect being made perfect through His perfection.  A classy woman is a woman with a high sense of self worth and projects herself in that way.  A high self worth comes from knowing God and knowing that you are worthy.

A woman of low value has such a low sense of self worth and no self esteem. It’s impossible for her to perceive what life is like from another angle.  She’s too into herself!  A case of the empty vessel makes the most noise.  The root of the problem with low self esteem is your thinking.  Proverbs 23:7  “As a man thinks in his heart so is he”.  Romans 12:2  “Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”.  Now let’s dive into this!

  1. Start by thinking and acting as a high Quality Woman and marketing yourself as such.  I used  the business term (marketing) because you are in the business of life and you are marketing yourself.  There is a message you project to the world.  Always present yourself well.  Many women of all ages simply let themselves go.  In other words they start to value themselves much less.  Letting your appearance go can be a tell tale sign that you feel bad about yourself.
  2. What is classy is special.  Classy is not found on every street corner.  A classy woman has to be found and cultivated.  That’s the reason high class women are rare and sought after.  Build confidence by reading positive affirmations and reading your Bible.  Check out my positive affirmations category right here on SCW.  Meditate on a scripture that makes you feel good.  You may want to put up positive affirmations around your house, on the frig, whatever works for you.  Constantly remind yourself, you’re significant, God loves you, and you can live your best life.
  3. Lead by example.  People may not believe what you say, but they will always believe what you do.
  4. Keep your property in good shape.  Our neighbors can tell a lot about us by how we keep our property.  Keep your home and surroundings well kept.  Keep your car clean as well as your school and work materials organized.  People will see that you put time and effort into your belongings.
  5. Be a cultured person.  Notice the events happening around you as well as events happening around the world. Whether it’s movies, entertainment, politics, or current trending issues.  The more you know the more well rounded you become which makes you a great conversationalist, able to converse on a variety of topics.
  6. Keep your language clean and respectable.  Ephesians 4;29,  “Let no filthy language or corrupt communication come from your mouths”.  Let everything you say be good and helpful so that your words will be an encouragement to those that hear them.
  7. Exude confidence!  Many people will try to test you.  No matter what they say, if you have confidence in yourself and your worth, their disrespectful behavior will go away because they realize that they cannot intimidate you.  (you are above anything petty.)  My motto is love me or hate me I’m still going to shine.
  8. Stick to your boundaries clearly communicate what you are willing to accept and what the consequences are for  the trespassing of those boundaries.
  9. Stick up for yourself when you need to.  If you want to respect yourself than you can’t be too nice to people.  So I think rather than striving to be nice, strive to be respected.  No matter how nice you are there are going to be some people that don’t like you anyway.   So don’t be a people-pleaser.  Instead please God.  He’ll take care of the rest.
  10. Avoid apologizing all the time and learn to say no.  You can’t please all of the people all of of the time.  There’s one of you.  Take care of yourself first.
  11. Give everyone a chance.  Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.  It won’t take long at all and people will reveal their true character.
  12. A high class woman rarely loses her cool.  We all have our moments, that’s life.  This is about a confident mindset that allows you to handle whatever comes your way.
  13. A high class woman has good posture.  Posture is important because it affects how others perceive you but more importantly it affects your spirit.  If you are standing up nice and tall and speaking in a clear commanding voice this tells your body and the bodies around you that you’re confident.  If you are slumped over, dragging you tell your body and those around you you are lacking self confidence which then is projecting your attitude. Hold your head up high, sit up straight, speak clearly carry yourself in a way that commands respect.
  14. Excel at something.  Whatever it is that you do well do it to the best of your ability.  Whether it be your career, school, sports, or maybe a great Mom and Homemaker.

Being a respectable woman is not an attitude of I’m better than you.  James 4:6 says,  “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble”.  We are to love ourselves in a balanced way.  Being a respectable woman means knowing who you are in Christ.



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3 thoughts on “How to be a Respectable Woman

  1. This is a completely new point of view and I’m very happy to read it ! It helped me a lot ! In my country women are only seen as potential mothers and homeseekers and there is obviously nothing bad with it , but if You have chosen to live that way and You aren’t forced by some people or cultural habits. Also that You should be proud of yourself , of course at the same time knowing Your bad points and working of them , but loving yourself and being happy because You are God’s Creation and Masterpiece. ❤️
    Thank You very very much !!


    • Thank you for your comment and thank you for reading SCW. I’m so happy to hear that you like the site.Some countries have a very limited view of a woman’s capabilities. What is important is how God views women. God views women as precious and valuable. Even the Lord Jesus Christ himself had to come through a woman.God designed women to be an integral part of family structure. Without her a man cannot bring forth new life. Never lose sight of your worth and value. God tells us in scripture the woman is of the highest value and nothing that the man can acquire can compare to her. Proverbs 3:15 She is more precious than rubies; nothing you desire can compare with her. God Bless you, and thanks again for reading SCW. We love hearing from you and knowing that anything you read was of some help to you is a blessing to me.



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