Couples Date night at Home


You can spend big bucks at a trendy restaurant, but true romantics know that feasting doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  This money saving menu takes less than an hour to prepare and comes straight from the heart.

5  Luxurious Menus for two

  1. filet-mignon-ck-780433-x  Filet mignon with mushroom wine sauce.

This quick but posh meal dinner for two goes nicely packaged or refrigerator mashed potatoes with prepared salad , and bottled dressing.

2.   roasted-lamb-ck-1696577-x   Impress your sweetheart with this roasted rack of lamb and cre’me brulee dinner.  Fennel – Rosemary crusted lamb, cinnamon-orange cre’me brulee.

3.  lobster-tails-ck-401521-x  Lobster is always perfect for special occasions dinners and even better enjoyed in the intimate atmosphere of your own home.

4.  veal-apple-ck-401522-x  Rekindle romance with an elegant home cooked meal of artichokes, fresh greens, and Veal medallions.  For dessert go the easy route and serve a store bought sorbet.

5.  ~ps3A6.tmp

The above menu features the all time popular baby blue salad and beef fillets with Cognac onion sauce. Delicious.


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