Succesful Women maintaining Relationships



With a growing number of women earning higher salaries, can love and relationships survive when a woman earns more than a man?

Statistics show that 19% of women are earning more than men, and 25% of women are earning the same as men.

1 Peter 3:5  “Wives submit yourselves to your husbands”   (It does not say submit to your husbands only if he earns more than you)

Most women under 50 grew up being taught that we should have careers and be independent, a revolutionary concept that we embraced whole heartily.  But nobody thought that women might actually earn more than men in any significant numbers.  The very idea would, until recently, be unthinkable.  However we are, and the truth is most women don’t know whether to feel triumphant or dismayed.  At least for those of us who want to keep our man!  In my particular case my man makes more than me so it is not an issue.  Before I met my man I was wildly successful as a business woman.  However you know what I missed?  I missed having a man in my life to make decisions with.  I missed being able to ask his advice about this or that.  I missed a man’s guidance.  Also my bank account was unable to keep me warm at night!  There is no substitute for  him.  The enemy’s whole plan in this modern era is to emasculate and diminish the man’s role in society and as head of the house.  He doesn’t stop being head of the house because you make more money.  By destroying the man you destroy the family.  I feel like if I’m making more it’s a win win for both of us! Keep in mind it does take a very strong and secure man with a definite sense of self to partner with you.

A smart Christian woman knows no matter how much she earns, she still needs a man!  Simple as that!  Why should a woman have to settle for either success or a man.  I’m the type of woman that wants it all a fat bank account, and a loving and supportive man!  The reason you need a man is simply because God says so.  It is his design.  Man and Woman go together.  So for a woman to reject a man once her salary goes up in either behavior or deed, she is doing herself a dis-service.  In essence you are rejecting who you are, and rejecting God and His plan for your life.  The enemy tells you, you don’t need a man, but the devil is a liar.  He wants you to reject God and man to keep you from getting all that God has for you.

Avoid the enemy’s feminine pit of rebellion!  God is very proud of his capable women, but be careful not to reject God’s plan for your life.  If you do reject God than that means you are now relying on yourself and your own perceived power and that’s a mistake.  The Bible is very clear Proverbs 16:18  “Pride comes before the Fall!”  In the New International version it says “an arrogant attitude precedes a fall.”   The secular world says, “woman earning more than men is a changing of Roles”  STOP!  This is all wrong!  That’s exactly what you as the woman should not let happen.  So because the woman earns more she is now a man.  No, she isn’t and she never will be in the kingdom of God.  1 Corinthians 14:13 “God is not the author of confusion.” Do not be conceived the thief comes only to kill, steal, and destroy John 10:10, “But I’am come that you may have life and that more abundantly.”

successful-black-woman   So what it comes down to is having our priorities in order.  Mark 8:36  “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul?”  You don’t want to spend your whole life climbing the ladder of success and when you get to the top you find out that your ladder was leaning against the wrong building! Wise up!

So how can successful Christian Women maintain their relationships?

  1. Do not shun his masculine efforts, he will feel like he has nothing to offer you. Allow him to give you advice, fix things around the house, change your oil, open doors for you.

  2. Do not use it against him.  NEVER make him feel inadequate, share the financial decisions, there’s no I in team.  Discuss expenses, travel, future goals, extras, etc.. regardless of who’s paying for it.

  3. Don’t insist on paying.  Let him do it!  Just as he always has.  Let him contribute.  Insisting on paying and or giving him money will make him feel like a child.

  4. Don’t give him an allowance.  There should be three accounts yours, mine, and “joint account” with a limit on how much either of you may take out and a discussion needs to take place letting the other know you will be withdrawing.

  5. If he’s good at handling the bills and taxes, let him, even if its with your money.

  6. Be his cheerleader.  Recognize the things he’s good at.  Let him know how much you appreciate those qualities and things he does.  Tell him that the things he brings to the relationship are just as valuable if not more than money.  There are some things money just cannot buy.

  7. Do not make an issue of the fact that you make more.  If a woman is interested in a man she’s already interested, she already knows he makes less than her and she’s fine with it.  But if the man keeps bringing it up or turns it into an issue then it becomes one.  So both parties should avoid making the subject an issue.  There is a reason God took a woman from a man’s side in Genesis 2:22  A woman doesn’t belong in front of a man or behind a man. She belongs at his side!      e15TAOLife-Wisdom-is-knowing-the-right-path-to-take...-integrity-is-taking-it1-878x1024


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