Smart Travel


Spotlight on Greece

What is Smart travel?

Smart Travel is knowing when to travel to save you money.  The best time to travel is off peak times.  Off peak meaning not in season.  Which means not traveling in summer.  Summer time is a travel agent’s dream, its when they make the most money off of you.  You are going to pay through the roof for airfare, hotels, and rental cars.  You want to schedule your vacation from work in October through March, this is off season and this is the time you will find the best deals on everything.  Why pay top dollar if you do not have to.

You will also have a better experience without having to huddle through the masses of crowds and tourist.  Visit an area’s local tourist bureau online, or the visitor’s website for deals and promotion. Another way to find great deals is to consider traveling during the week.  Airfare, especially is cheapest Tuesday through Thursday.  Also consider searching for your deals online versus a travel agent in off peak season you can find deals that are up to 30 to 50% less than the cost the travel company is offering. You do not have to spend a fortune to travel abroad, or enjoy a great getaway, you just have to be smart about it.

Santorini Greece

Greece-Vacation-Trip  Milos Island Greece

Syros Island Greece

Parthenon Acropolis

Ancient Greece

most-beautiful-greek-temples-in-italy-to-visit-temple-of-aesculapius-agrigento  Ancient Ruins




The ultimate in old world luxury Satorini Greece Cave Hotel

Santorini pool
Satorini Beach



large Picture About Male Fitness Model Tyler Anthony from AAG Andre-120829-01-400x601

Of course no vacation would be complete with these attractions

The Island of Greece at night


Beautiful Places Greece   Dusk


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