Laws of Attraction


There seems to be a serious problem with successful woman not attracting the type of man they want.  It’s either the type of man that they want do not approach them, or the women themselves are unwilling to make the changes necessary to attract the type of man they want.  Still, a large number of successful women do not have men.  Over 21% of  home buyers in America are single women.  In any case I believe in accountability.  Could it be that a woman can prepare herself, psychologically, emotionally and in some cases physically to attract the type of man they want.  Let’s work on that.  We are going to have some fun today attracting the type of man you want.  We are about to learn about the laws of attraction.

#1 rule in the law of attraction is you do not attract what you want you attract what you are.      business-coaching-law-of-attraction

If you’re a successful woman, there’s something you need to know.  Your career accomplishments aren’t all that a man is looking for.  A guy doesn’t fall in love with an Ivy league degree, a six figure income, and an impressive job title.  He falls in love with a woman.  Whether you downplay your success, or rely on it to draw men to you, the truth is that neither option will attract a man to you or make or break a relationship in the end.  It’s the experience you create together that matters.  You can be woman of the year on paper but what truly captures a man’s interest and attention is the level of ATTRACTION he feels when he is around you.  I’m not talking about physical attraction.  It’s what we call emotional attraction which is just as important as physical chemistry.

A man feels emotional attraction for a woman when he sees something special about a woman’s PERSONALITY, and he suddenly recognizes her as unique.  The kind of woman he would want to be with in a serious relationship.  Are you letting your best self shine through?  Does a man recognize you as the woman he wants to be with from the start?  Now you’re starting to understand that a man doesn’t choose to be with you because of your resume.  He chooses to be with you because of your personality and how you make him  feel.  I’ll prove it to you.

You’ve seen a man and woman in public, and the the man is really good looking, and the woman by the world’s standards is not that attractive.  You say to yourself how did that happen?  It’s not about looking like a model.  Again it’s about how she makes him feel.  It’s about releasing your feminine energy and letting a man see that softer, gentler side of you that allows him to relax.  When you create amazing experiences with a man, and don’t let your career overwhelm you and affect your love life then the fact that you’re successful is an amazing bonus instead of being something that scares him away.


What Emotions are you inspiring in the man in your life?  Is your own success as a woman really threatening men?  Or is the energy you’re bringing to relationships not helping to create what it is you’re really looking for?  This works if you are attached, you can bring out that intense masculine energy in your man and have renewed passion.  Or simply to attract the man you want.


Today you’re going to learn about Surrendering to the Masculine Energy.

Surrendering means letting go, trusting and letting a man take care of you when you need it.  It’s also about letting him in and liberating yourself from fears.  The feminine energy is never truly free unless and until the masculine energy shows up for real and is ready and willing to protect and serve.  Both energies need to feed each other.  The feminine energy feeds the masculine energy and the masculine energy feeds the feminine.  The idea behind surrendering to the masculine energy, is not the woman becoming more masculine to survive, it’s no longer fearing it and needing to stand up to it or fight it but to trust it and let it protect you.  And to actually let it have it’s role in your life.   That’s what it is there for.

You have to be 100% in your feminine energy at a given time to be fully open to surrender and let the masculine energy in.  Femininity is beautiful and any masculine man will live and die for it. Think of movies like “Death Sentence”, “A Man Apart”, “Man on Fire”, “Law abiding Citizen”, “Taken”.  The simple message to take from these movies is: Never take away man’s wife and children, or a woman who is close to him in life.  The more feminine you are the more masculinity you will trigger in a man.  Whatever type of man you want, you can have him if you will just master this secret of surrendering to the masculine energy.

mannen-kapselx1332467600.1800530692.additional.01.large.jpg.pagespeed.ic.D7eRJ3hoCJ david_c605c    white collar, clean cut and sophisticated

93094a618531b2966b9d27afd2180836securityGuard8cbe9ce15bb5c9ef533c51e575090f94    blue collar, man in uniform, fit and sexy


How does a Woman surrender to the masculine energy?

  1. See yourself with a masculine man in a healthy relationship / tell your mind , this is where we are going.

  2. Be more receptive than assertive, surrendering instead of leading.

  3. Receive and believe his kind words about you.

  4. Open up, a man really wants his woman to be open to him mentally, physically and emotionally.

  5. Trust.  Trust him to show you the way sometimes.

  6. Let your guard down, peel off the mask and the look of steal.  Most women do not let their guard down for fear of being hurt. Pain is a part of life.  Trust your instincts.  If he is the right man for you it won’t take long to tell.  Trust God’s timing.

  7. You must surrender to  take hold of the masculine gifts, direction, providing, presence and ravishing to name of few.  The most amazing part is he’s so much more!  I suggest reading books on surrendering to the masculine energy.  There’s so much more to learn than I can share with you in one post.

    Making changes To prepare yourself

    Some women make the mistake of thinking I am who I am, this is me and there’s no changing me.  In fact I do not wish to change.  However the devil is a liar.  We do have to change sometimes to get the things we want and this does not only apply to a man.  For instance, you want to be a lawyer you’re going to have to go to law school.  Want to buy a home you’re going to have to save for it.  You want a professional office job, you can not go in covered in tattoos and multi color hair to the interview.  So let’s just get that idea out of your head right now.  Case in point.  I was watching a dating show,  there was a  woman on there that needed some date coaching before she could be fixed up with a guy.

    She was paying for a service.  Yet she didn’t want to do any of the suggestions the dating coach asked of her.  She was a successful woman had her own business, and was used to being in control.  For instance, the coach told her that she should change her appearance to attract the type of man she wanted, which was a clean cut professional, sophisticated guy.  The woman had wild bushy blonde hair, loud makeup with bright red lipstick, she liked to wear bright colors to top it all off.   Her demeanor was loose and easy, the kind of woman that was assertive with men, she would ask them out and bed them quickly.  The coach told her to change her hair and makeup and clothes, she even took her to a high end salon got her hair and makeup done, straightened her hair out, and gave her sophisticated dress to choose from for her date.  Then brought in a life coach to change her demeanor and be more lady like.  She looked beautiful when they finished.   She looked like a different person.

    Well all this lasted about 5 minutes, she did not like her look, she said I have to be me and when she showed up for the date she had changed her hair back to the bushy blonde, put on the bright red lipstick and acted like a less than honorable woman on the date.  Needless to say the date went horribly wrong, no chemistry, guy didn’t like her.  I felt like you came to the service for a reason.

    Reason was, what you were doing was not working.  So you obviously need help why waste people’s time if you’re going to continue to do things your way.  It was a total train wreck, but great TV,  hilarious even.  So sometimes we do have to make changes in order to get the things we want.  I had a very independent mindset and had to learn about surrendering to the masculine energy.  It was a huge step forward  getting what I wanted.  Change can be a positive.  If you’re not willing to change those things about yourself that are holding you back, then it’s a strong possibility you will  DIE alone.  But I know none of my readers  will because they are “Smart Christian Women”.





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