What is a Momcation?  A momcation is a name that has been created by the media as a vacation for mom away from the kids with the goal of relaxing renewing and repairing mom, so she can be an even greater mom when she returns home.  Straightaway I know moms are going to feel like , “I can’t afford to get away right now or take any time for myself.”  I say, You can’t afford not to.  You must take time for yourself and it doesn’t have to be extravagant.



We will explore different ways of doing this

  1. Motherhood is a full time job.  Even when the kids are in school you are doing mom things.  Folding laundry, making doctor’s appointments, making snacks for a sports team, there’s always something.

  2.  Your kids will be okay without you.  As long as they are in good hands your kids will survive your absence.  It’s good for them – and you – to know this first hand.  Whether it is your husband,  grandparents, or a loving trusted caregiver who is willing to stay with your children, take that blessing and run with it.  Giving them a chance to miss you can help them develop the important virtues of gratitude and appreciation.

  3. Your spouse (or other caregivers), will get a better sense of what you do.  There are so many things moms do that are just a given.  Your husband may not realize just how much you do, between scheduling, shuffling, schooling, organizing and cooking.  So it will be an eye-opener for him to wrestle with it a while.

  4. MOM is irreplaceable, of course, but when your kids don’t have you readily available they find other means.  They may find that Dad makes a pretty mean pizza from the oven, or that grandma makes better pancakes than you do.

  5. Your kids will grow in your absence.  Have you ever  notice a leap in your kids emotional maturity, cognitive abilities etc, when you go away on a family trip?  Different experiences forces them to grow up.

  6. Your family’s annoying habits will magically become endearing.  All of those little irritations and small annoyances that build up on a daily basis take their proper place in the larger scheme of things when you get some distance from them.

  7. You will remember who you are.  Being a mom is a huge part of who I am obviously.  But it’s not all of me I was a woman before I had kids, and sometimes that woman gets lost in the melee of motherhood.

  8. While we are ever-devoted moms and wouldn’t trade our kids and families for the world, it’s nice to get some me time.

  9. Without time out for yourself you will become burned out.  Which is not good for you or the family.

  10. You will love coming home.  Refreshed and with a renewed attitude.  Yay!! mommy’s back.

There are weekend spa retreats that work as a mini momcations.  If you are unable to get away for an entire weekend go for day.  If you think it’s too expensive, think about the last expensive thing you bought for your kids, like that play station at four hundred dollars or more after you finish buying the game cartridges and so on.  If you can do that you can do this, you have to invest in yourself.

CultiDaySpa_cnt_1stFeb10_PR_646  Spa retreat

o  A refreshing table shower
Body_Scrub_and_Wraps3  Body Scrub and massage
wrapww1  Full Body wrap

These wraps are all the rage in spa treatments.  Women arrive in the morning and leave an hour later three dress sizes smaller and completely cellulite free.  “Detox ” wraps draw toxins from your body.

Girls-in-sauna-improving-and-repairing-skin-sexy-wallpaper  Sauna- sweat releases impurities from your body.

Samahita-Retreat_physiotherapy  Stretching – is the deliberate lengthening of the muscles, in order to increase muscle flexibility and joint range of motion.

131016090357_sw2  Aquatic therapy

spa  Whirl pool relaxation

spapedicure  Pedicure

manicure   Manicure

manicure маникюрpedicure-nail caddy

beauty-tips-for-glowing-skin-and-healthy-hair   Refreshed



10 Low cost or no cost momcations ideas

1. Time management is very important sometimes you can switch your schedule around to make time for yourself.  For instance while the kids are in school instead doing laundry, or grocery shopping, go to a coffee shop enjoy a cup, or a park and read your book.  The laundry will keep.

2. Take a few minutes  during your day to watch funny videos on YouTube, laughter is good medicine and keeps you young.

3. Put the kids to bed or have Dad take them out for a treat and watch a good movie uninterrupted.

4.  Connect with other adults.  Call up a girlfriend and have girl talk.

5. Go thrift shopping with another mom.  You’ll be amazed how a few pieces here and there can make a big difference in your wardrobe.

6. Walk a nature trail at at local park, taking the time to breathe fresh air, is good for the lungs and psyche.

7. Have  your spouse keep the kids away for an hour while you take a nice relaxing soak in the tub

8.  After the kids are asleep make yourself a nice blender drink or glass of wine and relax in the backyard. Enjoy the quiet.

9. Take a few moments to enjoy soothing music, smooth jazz, or whatever calming for you.

10. Join a book club that meets maybe once a month and again enjoy some peer level conversation. The point is do something for yourself.  Do something you enjoy.  Your kids and family are a priority, your job and or career is a priority.  Make yourself a Priority!


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