Showing Respect to your Husband



Men’s greatest need in marriage is Respect.  Yet too often wives neglect to give their husbands the respect that they need which significantly damages marriages.  When you withhold respect from your husband it’s as painful to him and as harmful to your marriage as a man with holding love from his wife, which is a woman’s greatest need in a marriage.  The media in sitcoms often portray women as strong leaders  in their households, while the husband is a bumbling idiot who’d be totally lost without his wife, who has it all together.

This is opposite of the biblical marriage in which the man is the strong, wise leader of his house and this is the example for believers to follow.  I don’t know any woman who wants a man with his ahh…. head in the sand and needs to be led around by his woman.  In terms of the media I think it’s part of a larger plan to devalue men in this modern age  in society.

I love it when you can look up to man, respect him, admire him, and as a woman know that you are in good hands!  Because of my respect and love for my man, who’s super smart, because I trust him , he has gotten me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things and that is because HE LEADS.

For example: I’m afraid of heights, but I love nature and the great outdoors, and he wanted to show me the beautiful High Sierra Mountains where he has taken the boys camping.  It’s at least 8,500 feet above sea level.  This is something I would never plan on my own.  So number one, I knew I was in good hands, number two, it’s good to do things that your husband enjoys with him, and three, I really wanted to see  the mountains and to do that I needed to stretch myself.  He and I and the boys packed up and away we went, and I went camping that weekend.  Awesome.  He has carried himself as a leader since the first day I met him and it’s so Sexy!! Ephesians 5:33, “Each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.”

10  Ways to show respect for your Husband

  1. Develop the self control you need to respond rather react to your husband.  James 1:19, “Aim to be quick to listen and slow to speak or become angry.”  Ask gentle questions to clarify what you think he is saying rather than arguing with him.

  2. Resist the temptation to give unsolicited advice, simply listen when your husband talks about the problems and challenges he’s facing.  Offer advice only when he asks for it.  Be a good listener.

  3. Be encouraging rather than judge mental or critical.  Ask God to help you refrain from judging or criticizing your husband and instead encourage him as often as possible.  When you regularly encourage your husband he will develop more trust in you and start to confide in you more.

  4. Allow your husband to be in charge of your home.  Trust God to help bring you and your husband into unity as you make decisions together, thereby respecting God’s role for you husband as the head of your home.  By letting him make the final call when you both disagree about something, you are respecting God as well, because God holds your husband responsible for the consequences.

  5. Join your husband for recreational activities he enjoys.  Let your husband enjoy your company on his own terms sometimes.  Be willing to join him doing something that he enjoys regardless of whether or not you enjoy it as much as he does.

  6. Don’t put unjust financial pressure on your husband.  Respect your husband’s hard work and efforts to earn money and thank him for it.  Ask God to help you meet your financial needs in ways that don’t involve pressuring your husband, such as earning more money yourself to take some of the financial burden off your husband.  Marriage is a partnership.

  7. Organize your home.  Do whatever you can to make your home’s environment orderly.  Which will create a respectful atmosphere for you and your husband both to enjoy, leading to less stress and more peace in your marriage.

  8.  Treat your husband like a man not a boy.  Ask God to make you aware of any times when you’ve been treating your husband like a child rather than like the adult that he is.  Develop a habit  of saying and doing things that respect your husband’s manhood.

  9. Pray for and with your husband.  The family that prays together stays together.  Respect your husband’s concerns enough to bring them to God in prayer.

  10. Forgive your husband Matthew 18:20-22 “Whenever your husband hurts or offends you, rely on God to empower you to do so.”Give-Your-Man-Respect-and-You-Will-Be-Loved-300x272

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