Smart and Fit


3 Secrets to Success

  • Pray to build my spirit
  • Read to build my mind
  • Exercise to build my body

Find it difficult to get to the gym  with your busy schedule of work and kids?  Start where you are.  Start at home.  Just start!




image_thumb Prefer to jog?  Get your heart pumping!  Do it with your partner.


10 Benefits of being Fit

  • It improves your IQ.  Due to increased oxygen getting to your brain as well as using more of your brain for movement and coordination.  It has been found in testing that the concentration and memory was improved in people who did regular exercise.

  • It improves mood.  This creates the momentary improved mood known as “runner’s high” which causes many runners to become “hooked” and overtime your overall mood will change permanently for the better.

  • It Improves your looks.  Running results in many advantages such as healthier skin, hair,fewer wrinkles and bags under your eyes.  Also results in lower body fat percentage and more lean muscle which all results in improved health.

  •  It improves your sex drive.  It improves your energy levels resulting in longer lasting and better sex.

  • It will result in fewer illness.

  • Protects you from heart disease.  Any cardiovascular exercise strengthens your heart, your heart is a muscle and gets strengthened the same as a bicep would from lifting a dumbbell.  Which means your less likely to suffer heart disease and other heart attack problems.

  • It improves your circulatory system.  This means that your blood is pumped more efficiently around your body and can prevent  problems caused by cholesterol.

  •  Helps you to sleep better.  Exercise during the day will help you sleep better at night also it lowers stress levels.

  • Slows down the effects of aging.  Exercise results in the production of growth hormone which has shown to reverse many of the effects of aging by helping you to heal individual cells.  Also helps to heal wounds faster.

It speeds up your metabolism.  You will burn fat more quickly even when you are not exercising, you will be warmer at night and flush problems out of your system more quickly.


Fitness Motivation -- Inspirational Quote


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