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We’re off to the beautiful city of Vienna Austria.  Steeped in culture and history Vienna is sure to charm seasoned world travelers as well as newbies.  Vienna is the capitol and the largest city of Austria and one of the nine states of Austria.  Vienna is Austria’s primary city with a population 1.8 million and its cultural, economic, and political centre.

It is the 7th largest city by population within  city limits in the European Union. Vienna is host to many international organizations such as the United Nations.  Until the beginning of the 20th century it was the largest german speaking city in the world.  In 2001 the city was designated a World Heritage site.


Wein Ringstrasse Parlament



If you think your neighborhood coffee shop is nice, you might want to stay out of vienna’s coffee shops which are more like palatial estates.  After you’ve gotten use to these palatial yet welcoming cafes and their delicious coffee your neighborhood cafe will pale in comparison.



Museum of Art and History


House Of Music, where all the greats have studied Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn,

Vienna Budapest 209

Vienna Budapest



Checklist for travel abroad from the Department of State and International Travel

  • Be aware of any travelers alerts or warnings for your destination

  • Make sure you have all required travel documents

  • Make sure you are prepared for an emergency having such information as the nearest US Embassy’s number, making sure family and friends have your itinerary and important travel information

  • Are you planning to drive while you’re overseas?  If so you may need to obtain an IDP.  International driving permit.  Many countries do not recognize a US driver’s license without it being accompanied by an IDP.

  • Have photo-copies of travel documents and itineraries, credit cards, travelers checks, license, airline tickets, passport or foreign visa.

  • Prepare to handle money overseas.  Check the exchange rate before you travel.  Before you leave notify the bank’s, credit card companies and financial institutions that you will be traveling overseas.

  • Learn about local laws and customs.

  •  Your Health.  Do you need any vaccinations?  Does your health insurance cover you outside the US?  Are you taking any prescriptions or medications?  Take enough to last plus a few extra in case you’re delayed.

  • Travelers are likely to have a better time abroad if they have planned their trip down to the last details so that they can eliminate stress and concentrate on the trip.


Vienna Shopping Center





Vienna Opera House


Brandeburg Gate at night

vienna (1)



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