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Poseidon-Undersea-Resort-Fiji - 1

Above Underwater Figi Resort Hotel

I believe in Bargain Hunting and stretching the dollar.  I think the three major purchases in a person’s life are your house, your cars, and education for yourself and your children.  However, we all want that dream vacation. The type of vacation that goes on your before I die list.  Why not you work hard, the parents are the ones who’s making it all happen, and I believe in treating yourself well from time to time. I believe in indulging ourselves in those once in a lifetime events sometime.  As a wise man once said I don’t live to work, I work to have a life, and I agree.  After a lifetime of work you deserve a little luxury.  Dream vacations are great for couples and families, but for you single ladies, you work hard as well and why should you have to wait around until you have a partner to enjoy life.  If you have the resources, I say go for it!  Make it a girls trip.  Perhaps you’ll meet someone, while your out there enjoying life and not looking at your watch wondering when and where Mr. right will come or listening to your biological clock.  The point is, you only go around once. Enjoy your life to the fullest!


The Figi Islands, officially the Republic of Figi is an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean.  Figi is made up of more than 332 islands of which 11o are permanently inhabited.  Total land area 18,300 square kilometers.  The two major islands are Viti Levuan and Vanua LeLu which makes up 87% of the population.  The capitol and largest city is Suva.  Figi is one of the most developed economies in the Pacific due to its abundance of Forest, mineral, and fish resources. Today the main source of foreign exchange are it’s tourist industry and sugar exports, which makes  it one sweet destination!


Today we’re off to Figi to explore the Dream Vacation Of underwater resorts. The Hotel Lobby welcomes you to your underwater experience.


The Poseidon Undersea Resort Figi




If you can tear yourself away from your suite for dinner, you may find there’s a lot more see.


Hotel Library



Luxury Spa


Couples massage


Incredible luxury Spa




Awesome Waves


Beautiful islands of Figi



Rainbow Reef

Coral landscape with soft corals and fish, Fiji

Coral landscape with soft corals and fish, Fiji


Fishing he will love




Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands



Figi Culture



Live shows

FIji Islands. Girls on the Robinson Crusoe Island.

FIji Islands. Girls on the Robinson Crusoe Island.

Laucala Island - Fiji-passion4luxury-2

Prefer something a little more simple with spectacular views.




Carpe Diem ( seize the Day)

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