Keeping passion alive after years of Marriage




After years of marriage which is a victory in and of itself, keeping passion and your sex life alive will require effort on both your parts at best.  Romance, passion has to be rekindled, renewed revamped.  sex doesn’t have to get boring in marriage or worse become non-existent.  You have to feed the passion and romance in your marriage.  Remember what you feed will grow what you starve will die. Think of a passionate sex life in this way, with sex you are always headed to the same place you just have to find new and interesting ways of getting there.

So how do I keep that flame burning?

  • Sexual intimacy is a continuing process of discovery. True intimacy through communication is what makes sex great.

  • Change your Environment.  If you are used to doing things in the same place the same way all the time every time, it will breed predictability, which is death to passion . Try another room in the house.  Stay overnight in a hotel, or bed and breakfast. If you cannot afford to get away, consider a makeover to the bedroom,  fresh paint makeover to the walls , new linens.  Make your bedroom as warm inviting and cozy as it can be.  It’s just a good idea to revamp the look of your home with the changing of the seasons, yes even the seasons change.

  • When life is busy and schedules are hectic, plan for sexual encounters with your spouse. Make sex a priority.

  • Don’t expect your spouse to be the only one in the marriage responsible for keeping romance alive, it’s a joint effort.

  • Schedule date nights, exclusive time for you and your spouse alone.

  • Let your spouse know that you care and are thinking of them throughout the day, phone calls, emails, texts, etc…

  • Learn your spouse’s love language outside of the bedroom.  Be kind and good to one another,  you catch more bees with honey than vinegar.

  • Accept the notion that there will be storms and droughts. Weather the storms, endure the droughts. You have to be devoted to marriage itself as an institution as much as the person you’re married to.  That way in trying times you will have that holding power.  A storm is not a failure.  It’s just a storm and like all storms you just have to let it pass.

  • Best way to keep the flame lit is to not let it go out. Don’t let things simmer on low for too long.

  • Service – by serving with a willing heart that wants to do something kind for one another you develop greater love and compassion for that person, make breakfast in bed, wash the others car, bring home a favorite CD or book.  Little things mean a lot.




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