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Speeding up your Morning Routine

speeding-up-morning-routine (1)

If your morning routine turns into a scramble to get your family out the door on time you may want to consider a routine makeover to ease the morning rush.  Whether you’re getting back into the school groove after a long vacation or holiday break.  Or you need to eliminate sluggish habits that are putting you and your children at risk for being known as chronically late at school and at work.  Here are some great ideas to speed up your morning routine.

5 Tips to Speed up your morning routine.

  1.  lux_products_long_ring_timer   Get a timer.  If you have a child that can easily spend 5 minutes putting on one sock, try using a timer to get them on the move.  Kids love to make a game out of things.  If you challenge them to beat the clock they will be less likely to daydream and become distracted while getting ready.  Use in conjunction of course with your alarm clock with a consistent wake up time.  Make a goal, up by 6 am, out the door by 7 am.


2.  boy-child-brushing-teeth   Stick to regular morning and night time routines.  For instance, having homework done by a certain time and having baths at night easily cuts your time in half.  Keep the order of tasks consistent.

3.  20100727-making-school-lunch-fun-3-600x411   Pack up beforehand.  Have your grade schooler pack up his back pack the night before so that they are prepared the next day and not wasting time in the morning looking for what they need.

4.  lunch-bins   Make lunches ahead of time.  Sandwiches can easily be made at night using packaged condiments to keep bread fresh.  If you prefer to make them first thing in the morning even before breakfast.   Strive to be efficient,.

Young mother making a ham sandwich with a young girl (8-10) watching her

5.  inspirational-team-work-pos  If you present the idea of getting out of the house on time a family project the more enthusiastic your grade schooler will be.

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Bible passage, Titus 2: 3-8

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Holiday Getaway to Aspen


Millions of us are hitting the road over the long holiday weekend.  If you’re looking for a quick family getaway, or a romantic escape just for the two of you, Aspen Colorado is the place to go.  Aspen is situated in a remote area of the Rocky Mountains, Wasatch range and Elk mountains.  Found along the roaring Fork River at an elevation just under 8,000 feet above sea level on the western slope 11 miles west of the Continental divide.  Despite being a small sized town it’s blessed to be surrounded by four major ski areas Aspen Highlands, Aspen Mountain, Buttermilk and Snowmass Ski Resort. You can get around Aspen by snowmobile, sleigh,snocat, gondola, or dogsled.



aspen-esqui-nos-estados-unidos-1024x680  Just get your lift ticket and away you go as you’re whisked off to the slopes for a fun day on the mountain.

happy family on skis with wonderful winter panorama  World Class skiing for beginners and pros.

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durango_colorado_snowmobiling_vacation_destination  Aspen’s premiere snowmobile provider.  All tours include experienced knowledgeable guides. Enjoy a scenic snowmobile ride through aspen.




Aspen-TravelGuide-Shopping  With over 100 shops and restaurants Aspen is sure to please.


Aspen-Shopping-11  Downtown Aspen has premiere shopping.  It’s known for it’s trendy stylish shops as well as top notch ski equipment and apparel, and you might even have a celebrity sighting.










original_162799_aQNYbg1gQuROW7fV7tx1h4uyj  Trendy upscale Ralph Lauren shop

Prada Store


50977095 Socialite Paris Hilton and boyfriend River Viiperi out doing some last minute Christmas shopping in Aspen, Colorado on December 23, 2012. Paris proved that she can still show off her fashion sense even when its cold. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

2-Circular-conversation-pit-central-fireplace.jpg  After a long day of skiing, snowmobiling, sight seeing and shopping, it’s time to retreat back to your suite or cabin get out of those wet clothes.  Change and warm up by the fire, before heading out for dinner, cocktails, and mingling.  For a family of 4 or more the way to go to get the most for your money is to rent a cabin.  The beautiful memories you will create with them will last a lifetime.




AspenExterior  Aspen Grille

brunachellis-main  Brunelleschi’s Pizza

010713-0120-element-47-aspen-01  Element 47

Steakhouse-No-316  Steakhouse 316



nightlife (1)  Unwind and socialize, network, meet some new people.


OAC2666  Roasting marsh mellows by the fire with the family is a great way to end the night.

Couple dining at The Ranch


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Thanksgiving Day


happy thanksgiving_t

We are so very thankful for all of our wonderful readers and followers here and abroad.  From all of us here at Smart Christian Woman from our family to yours Happy Thanksgiving.  Peace and blessings.

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Your First Thanksgiving


If this is your first Thanksgiving preparing a meal for a large number of people or even small numbers of people, relax.  You don’t have to freak out!  You can learn how to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving meal and have a successful dinner party.  Below are your step by step guide to making a traditional  Thanksgiving meal.  Feel free to tailor your dish to suit your taste.  If you dislike garlic for instance you don’t have to put it in.  Season your food the way you like.  The videos show you how, you decide “What”  you will put in depending on taste.  Click the videos below for your complete thanksgiving meal. Enjoy!

Woman in kitchen reading shopping list

Roasting Turkey 101, Martha Stewart

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Basic Turkey Gravy

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Add your corn, string beans, hot buttered rolls, and cranberry sauce for a complete traditional Thanksgiving meal


SweetCorn green-beans IMG_5788





Hot apple cider

Cider-small   Hot chocolate with kahlua


Multi Generation Family Celebrating Thanksgiving




Tell us about your Thanksgiving Holiday.


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12 Habits of People who have Organized Homes


Do you ever wonder how organized people keep their homes organized?  Organized people understand why organization is important.  They recognize that being organized is the key to their success and happiness.  Rather than viewing organization as a chore that keeps them too busy to enjoy life.  They understand that organization contributes greatly to their well being. They feel less stressed because they can find what they want.  I’m a highly organized person especially in my home it just works for me.  I think it’s a combination of upbringing and the desire to simplify my life. Growing up my grandparents houses and my mom’s house where always immaculate.  When I got my own place I was always clean but not exactly organized.  For example I would spend fifteen minutes before leaving the house to find my keys everyday.  I got so tired of this.

I began to see other people place their keys in a designated place.  I caught on quick.  It also bothers me to know that I have something but can’t find it.   Then you spend hours trying to find it and you can’t, but you find 2 or 3 other things that you had been looking for.  I thought there’s got to be a better way.  There is.

Organize your house and stay organized.  Especially during the holiday time when you will have a number of guest at your home.  You’re already feeling the pressure to pull everything off.  The last thing you want is to stress yourself out by not being able to find that beautiful serving dish.  You know, the one your in-laws bought for you as a wedding gift that goes so well with your table.

12  Helpful tips to organize your home



1. Everything must have a home within  your home.  Everything inside your home must be put back in the same spot at all times when not in use.  This is the number one habit of people with organized homes.


Utilize Kitchen drawers


You spend less time ironing when  clothes are properly hung up.

2. The minute your bills come through the door they are filed.  There’s a couple different ways you can do this.  If you have a home office you take them to the office if not there should be a designated place for important papers, bills, insurances, house deed, taxes, kids birth certificates, doctors appointments, etc…


3.  When you go grocery shopping put everything away that day.  I read a blog where the woman says after the store she’s tired so she literally will leave her bags in the middle of the floor for a week.  I thought wow what about the milk?  It’s natural to want to put your feet up after the store.



portrait of a young woman replenishing the kitchen cabinets with groceries

4. Have designated areas for toys and teach your children to pick up after themselves.  Having a playroom is great.  If not at the very least  teach your children pick up after themselves.  Use baskets or organizational shelves, tell them that the clean up is a part of play time.  It’s the last thing you do.  So if they are finished playing ask if the toys have been put away if not they’re not finished with playtime, have them go back.  You can even bribe them, you’ll get a snack if all toys are put away or whatever your reward for them.  When they put their toys away, give them positive reinforcement “That’s Awesome”.  It will help them feel more responsible and feel good about themselves and want to please you and do well.

boy-putting-toys-away-1378933741    lh1


5. You have to work as a family. Especially for large families with several children.  It’s not fair for everything to have to fall on mom.  Everyone should help out.  Having each child assigned a weekly, daily, chore and posting a schedule seems to be the norm.  Think of yourselves as a team.  What happens when some of the team do the work and others don’t?  Simple.  For example, if the boys did their chores this week but the girls did not.  Then the boys are the ones who get to go to the movie this weekend.

Children have to be taught that their are consequences for their actions, because that’s the way the real world works.  Just like one day they are going to learn if you don’t pay your rent, well you get the idea.  You didn’t do your chores so as a consequence you don’t get to go to movie.  So now they understand in order to get what you want there are things required of them.  Better to learn on this level.

6.  Use Bins and baskets.  Add self- made shelves if your husband is handy, put him to work he’ll love it, especially in the garage.  Use them in addition to closet and shelf space to give yourself more room. This can be extremely helpful when organizing.  Labeling them and know exactly where to find them.



7. Have an entry way table in the foyer, for your keys, cell phone, wallet.  They can also be placed on a hook rack at the door.  Just as long as you’re set to go.



8. Clean as you go on a regular basis.  You cook a big meal and the last thing you feel like after that meal is cleaning the kitchen.  You want to prop your feet up and watch TV or surf the web.  For example, if you cooked a meat and two side items for dinner while the meat is cooking and you’re done with the side dish pots, wash them by hand and put them away.  Or at least rinse them and put them in the dishwasher.  In fact any dish you no longer need while you cook should be cleaned.  Wipe down the tables, counters and islands as you go.  After everything is ready, load the dishwasher, it takes 1 minute before you serve.  There, you’ve already cooked a great meal and cleaned up the kitchen.  (Superwoman!)

9. You need a routine.  Routinely organize as you go.  You can’t let everything pile up for long periods of time, like mail or paperwork.  Then it becomes overwhelming and you don’t know where to start.


10. “I’ll do it now” rather then “I’ll do it later”.  Organized people are determined avoid pile up, for instance laundry.  Or organizing your drawers or shelves.  How does a big pile make you feel?

Laundry room with tall pile of clothes.    9109d92629b5632c1aa68fc69a7c78a9


11. Organize your cosmetics.  Shoes can be organized to take up less room.  Utilize a shoe rack, consider putting your cosmetics in a drawer.

th (1)c8f3ac4e6c9118e99742aba68f487aef   Build shelves for your bathroom.

12.  An organized kitchen and pantry runs like a well oiled machine.  Worse than a dirty house is a dirty refrigerator.  I make a habit of cleaning my frig at least once a week, usually after grocery shopping and get re-organized.  Wipe shelves with wet or sponge stay on track.


8b942a971b8fa4c1391d7a456a2ee2eb    56315938e204bea7223ec5ca6edf7c73

Interesting refrigerator and pantry combination.


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