Strengthening your Family Bond through Christ


Happy families have strong family bonds.  Parents as the leaders of the family unit have to be responsible for strengthening and protecting these bonds.  It doesn’t happen naturally in our day-to-day hectic lives. You can create this firm foundation by committing to these essential practices that will strengthen your family’s relationship.


  1. Find a church Home and attend services together.

  2. Interact with kindness.  Kindness draws people together.  Speaking kind words and doing considerate actions.

  3. Celebrate together.  Shared memories celebrations, and family gatherings tighten family ties. Have meals together.

  4. Encourage support for each other.  Share when something goes well at work or at school.  Ask your child how his or her test went.  Commiserate when your teen’s team looses a game.  Celebrate wins, good grades, and award good behavior.

  5. Pray together.  Pray together and for each other.  Read scriptures together.  Read the Bible to your small kids.


parents and their children reading the bible

Parents and their children reading the Bible

mid adult couple holding hands and praying





happy family on the floor

quotes-the-love-of-a-family (1)

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