Seducing Your Husband


When we’re married if not nurtured properly our daily routines can bring monotony to our lives.  A relationship is a seed to a garden, it needs to be taken care of daily.  Seduction is nothing more than demonstrating your love and devotion to your partner.  It is very important that the both of you feel this with every gesture.  The woman is not solely responsible for this, the man is also responsible.  Yet you as the woman can show him the way.  I mean who doesn’t like to be loved pampered and taken care of.  To maintain this love, this seduction, it is required to make sacrifices and actually try.

To Seduce requires action.

5 Ways to Seduce your Husband Daily

  1.  Don’t limit maintaining your appearance just to going out, do your hair and makeup, use perfume, even if you’re just going to stay home and watch a movie.  You can be comfortable and feminine in silk lounging pajamas.

2.  Set your Atmosphere.  Set a warm and inviting atmosphere inside your home, but more importantly inside your bedroom.  It should be neat, clean, warm and inviting.  Turn the lights down low put on some soft music.  You don’t have to be planning for sex necessarily, you just want your husband to be able to unplug and be at peace.  You know the expression, “at the end of the day”?  Well it’s the end of the day make it good.


3   Send him sexy texts.

Businessman On Park Bench With Coffee Using Mobile Phone

4. Cook his favorite meal.  Even if you can’t cook, look it up on the internet they will give you a video and step by step instructions.


5. Closeness.  Physical touch can go along way in seducing your husband.  Hug him kiss him,  smile at him, stroke him, massage him, just be close without conversation just envelope yourselves in the moment.


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