10 Mistakes Women make in Online Dating Profiles





Successful online dating starts with writing a great, compelling profile.  One that draws men in and entices them to want to meet you.  It’s just as much about avoiding the wrong content and common mistakes as it is about including the right content.  You only want content that’s going to be in your best interest.  You want to convey to the few quality men out there that you are different, you are more interesting, and you are worth meeting.  Set yourself apart.

Being a woman you may think it really doesn’t matter what you write in your dating profile.  Because all that the guys are looking at when they browse women’s profiles are their photos.  I’m sure that is true in regard to some men, but not all.  Many guys do read what you have to say on your profile.  Especially men who’ve met their fair share of women with nothing to them but their looks.  And that’s the kind of woman they are looking to avoid.

If you are interested in meeting a guy who is special, who is better, smarter, more interesting and otherwise more desirable,  you should realize that it takes a better profile.  You need a profile that stands out to attract the kind of guy that stands out.  So if you’ve been online for a while and not getting the responses you want, struggling to meet good quality men, and you want your profile to be the best it can be, consider our profile tweak list.  Make the changes you need to make to put your best foot forward.

Remember you never get a second chance to make the first good impression.  You want a profile that’s free of the typical mistakes that makes so many other dating profiles look boring and cliché.  The following are typical mistakes that you should avoid when writing your own profile.



10 Ways to make your profile Stand Out!

 1. Choosing a really good cover photo.

Choosing a great photo for your online dating profile is absolutely at the top of the list.  This is essential for your success.  A high quality photo can really make the difference.  So if you don’t have the best camera find a friend who does.  You want to avoid pictures that are blurry or overexposed.  A good example would be a medium shot in a nice setting with a great smile.  It’s worth the investment of a little time and energy to have some good pictures taken of yourself.  So do take professional or high quality photos.  Sorry, a selfie taken in the bathroom with your iPhone doesn’t cut it.




2.  Don’t post photos of other people in your profiles.

You want an interested man to focus solely on you. This is not the place to post photos of you and your Bff’s.  Perhaps the guy likes one of your friends more than you, “it happens”.  Or worse, photos of you and another guy.  The bait is you!

Single-mom-with-3-kids article-2677286-1F57052C00000578-524_634x435

   3.  Don’t focus your dating profile around your kids.

It’s great if you have children that you’re proud of.  And raising them should be one of your main priorities that also makes you happy.  However, there is no reason to include five photos of you with your kids.  Beginning your profile with “My children are the most important thing in my life.  And if you’re not okay with that move on now.”  It creates the impression in a male reader that you won’t be available to go out.  Or that you won’t be able to make a meaningful connection with him.

Dating sites are not designed to display your family situation.  They are meant to help people meet each other and create romantic connections.  Surely you should be honest about having kids but when a you lead with that it also gives a man the impression you’re looking primarily for a dad for your children.  You are there to meet a guy to  go out with, spend time with and learn about each other.  This is meant to enable you to find out if you’re interested in them romantically.

  Avoid posting photos that cast you in a negative light.

Avoid also photos that are overly revealing.  It just makes you look easy, desperate or even a one night stand girl.  Or if all your photos are of you with five other girls drunk in a bar making faces.  You may want to consider taking new photos that puts a more positive spin on your personality and how you live your life.  It’s good to show that you like to have fun, but it’s equally important to show that serious guy that you have a serious side too.

   5.  Don’t waste any space on your page.

Don’t  tell the world what kind of guys you don’t want to meet.  For instance, “I don’t like players”, “I don’t want a guy who still lives at home,” “I don’t want a guy who is not working.”  Well who does?  Focus on what you Do want, and convey that.  You could try something like, “I’m looking for a guy who’s educated, kind, and knows how to treat a lady.”

   6.  Make your profile interesting.

Don’t be boring and full of clichés.  A great profile should have a powerful opening.  The “About me” section really counts.  It will either intrigue a guy or make him go, “oh well let’s see what else is out there”.  Spare your readers the generic “Hello” and thanks for stopping by my profile.  “This is the first time I’m doing something like this etc….”  Everybody knows why you’re there and what you want.  Instead just dive right in.  Say something interesting or better yet brain catching.  Let him know you have one and an opinion to boot.  Anything that will give readers an insight into who you are.  You can even start your page with a famous slogan or affirmation.  Or start with something like,”I don’t care what you drive or what kind of suit you wear, but I’m very interested in what you want to achieve in your life as individual.” This is a conversation starter for him.

Portrait of a happy confident mature business man with his young male colleagues

  7.  Don’t unnecessarily restrict the type of guy you are willing to meet.

For instance If a 35-year-old woman  writes something like “she’s only willing to meet men who are at least 6 ft tall between the ages of 32-38, only this, only that, blah, blah, blah.”  I’m sure she would be thrilled to meet a guy who is outside of that age range.  Maybe he’s 45, not quite as tall, maybe he’s 5′-10″, but he possesses all the other qualities that are attractive to her.  Same goes for men who take the same strict approach when meeting women , “she has to be between 21 and 29”, and don’t even bother to contact a woman who may be a few years older than that. Maybe she possesses all of the qualities he wants.  She’s educated, independent, she’s interesting, and hot looking, but she’s 34.  You’re missing out, people are not cookie cutter.  But perhaps after a woman gets tired of going round and round the same mountain with no success then she’ll expand her horizons.  Same for men.


   8.  Expectation Vs. reality.

Don’t post misleading photos of yourself.  If you are overweight, don’t try to hide it in photos by only posting a picture of your face or worst post a photo of someone else.  It’s much more painful to see the disappointment on a guy’s face when he sees you for the first time than it is to not be contacted because you’re not physically his type. Be honest and do the best with what you have!


9.  Be patient.

Everyone you meet or that contacts you is not going to be “The One”.  You can’t change that, that’s how it is.  But what you can do is put together the best representation of yourself possible to attract the “right” guy for you.

computer vision syndrome

10.  Don’t become a stalker girl

In these modern times more and more women find it acceptable to approach men online.  In some cases it works out fine.  However, men are hunters and initiators, he should be the one chasing after you not the other way around.  Remember ladies you are the prize that he should be seeking.  If a man does not respond to you or has stopped, and you can’t figure out why move on.  Another tip is don’t be overly flirty.  If he’s a cute guy he’s used to attention from women.  Make him work for it.  Do not give your time and energy to someone who doesn’t want it.  Do respond to guys that respond to your profile.  One monkey doesn’t stop the show.  You deserve someone who is interested in you.






Verse of the day: Psalms 35 :27, “May those who delight in my vindication shout for joy and gladness, may they always say “The lord be exalted, who delights in the well-being of his servant.”


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