Fun, Frugal, Date Nights


Who says date nights have to cost a fortune?  Going on dates doesn’t have to always mean draining your wallet at fancy restaurants.  There are plenty of affordable and entertaining date night ideas that you can do with your significant other.  After all it’s really the time you spend with them that matters, and not how much you’re spending on the dates.  It’s not about having more money to spend, but rather being good stewards of what you do have and thinking creatively to make the date fun.

13 Affordable Date Night Ideas


 1.  Biking together


  2.  Taking a walk together

Happy couple is sitting and embracing on bridge

  3.  Take in the view in a quiet spot



  4.  Bowling

Cafe Logo


  5.  Bookstore and latte night.

When you have a house full of loud kids running around , quiet surroundings among adults are a luxury.


  6.  Local festivals, food, books, and art.


  7.  Car Shows.  If you have to dream, the sky’s the limit.


  8.  Outdoor free concert

A cowboy couple walk their horses after a romantic ride

 9.  Riding Horses


  10.  Share a cone at an ice cream parlor


 11.  Take in a local sporting event at a college perhaps


  12.  Grill and Chill , get out into the fresh air at a park near you.

  13.  Live Music Restaurant/ drinks and appetizers at happy hour

Red neon sign with live music text on wall glow




       Don’t forget your selfie



Verse Of the day:Isaiah 32:17, “And the effect of righteousness will be peace, internal and external, and the result of righteousness will be quietness and confident trusts forever.”


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