Couples and Finances


   Top 6 Money arguments for couples

  • Merging money

  • Dealing with debt

  • Managing spending

  • Investing wisely

  • Keeping money secrets

  • Emergency planning


  • With Honest open communication and a willingness to look at your finances objectively, couples can avoid becoming victim to “Money Arguments” and move forward as a cohesive team.






    4 Ways to get on the same page with Finances


  1. Make financial meetings a consistent habit so  that you and your spouse can communicate effectively.  Luckily my spouse and I are on the same page as far as money is concerned.  We like to have it and love to keep it.  Neither of us is frivolous so that’s good.  My husband’s very good at getting everything down on paper and we go over it together.  Think of your marriage as running a business you can’t have a successful business if you don’t keep track of the money.  When you are communicating effectively you can work out potentials issues.  This is an area of your relationship you must master.

  2. Sow it.  The benefits of tithing.  In addition to the 10% percent tithe of income.  I think it’s important to “Give” period.  To help those less fortunate than ourselves and spread the love of God.  For instance Ministries that are doing great things in communities such as feeding the hungry, sick children, the impoverished.  Make a difference.

  3. Save, Save, Save.  Make a habit.   Setting aside what you can every little bit helps and adds up. It’s okay to have several savings accounts.

  4. Invest.  In actuality means long-term thinking.  Know your goals.  What are you saving for?  Retirement, the kids college education.  Whatever it is invest in your future.  Do now what you will be happy with later.  Buying a new house?  Rent out your current home and it now becomes investment property.  Or simply sell and use that as a down payment on the next property.  For example, You take $2,000 and invest in the stock market.  If your money returned 10% in a year (the S&P historical average), that two grand would be worth $34,898 after 30 years.  If you’re a 20-year-old that starts now you could have a lot to look forward to.  However there are stocks that fare better depending on your age and stage with less growth time and yielding faster results. Consult with an investment counselor to help you figure out what’s best for you.


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