10 Effective Habits of Organized People



1.  Walk away from bargains.  Just because you can, because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you have to buy it.  Do I already have this item?  Do I have space to store it?

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2.  Make peace with imperfection.  Trying to do every task perfectly is the quickest way to get  bogged down.  Slow down and just do one thing at a time.


3.  Schedule regular decluttering sessions.  Have a decluttering routine in place such as cleaning out closets every three months.   Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in awhile.

Woman in empty room with moving boxes, holding house key

4.  Separate emotions from possessions.  It’s healthy to be attached to certain items, “your grandmothers pearls,  a vase you picked up from Paris”.  But some things you just have to let go of.  A perfect example of this was when my husband and I flew to the east coast to clean out a storage bin I had there.  A lot of it was emotional family stuff that I was holding onto.  I had to decide what was important and what wasn’t and let go.


5.  Know where to donate.  It’s easier to part with belongings if they’re going to a home.  Choose a favorite charity.  Find a neighbor’s child that can wear your son or daughter’s outgrown clothes.


6.  Future Storage. If you know you’re a shopaholic or pack rat and most of your personal space consist of clothes make use of storage bins.

A young couple moving into a house.

7.  Never label anything “miscellaneous” calling it miscellaneous is guaranteed  clutter.  Everything needs to be labeled and have a place and everything should be in its place.


8.  Utilize storage when in transition.  Storage is meant for a convenience not forever.  Do you really want to “pay” to hold onto things the rest of your life?  It was a huge weight lifted off me when I let go of my storage.  They made a fortune off of me.  Not to mention how bogged down I was emotionally and didn’t even realize it.


9.  Organized people stay organized to take the pressure off them mentally.  It requires continual upkeep.


10.  Organized people regularly purge.  Situations change and formerly useful things become unnecessary.  Instead of letting clutter get out of control they periodically purge, files, clothing, papers etc…


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