A Guide to First Dates



Your Guide to first Dates

(What to wear, makeup, rules and etiquette.)

Dates can be stressful especially first dates.  But by following first date etiquette a woman can relax and enjoy the experience.  The majority of the guys that approach a woman are not going to be for her, but hey you can’t blame the batter for taking a swing right.  It’s your job to really weed out bad apples so that you can keep moving forward.  However, once you do accept a first date with someone you feel is worthy of your time, do not treat it as an interview.  And please don’t take for granted that “He” is the “One”!
Focus on having a nice time and getting to know more about the other person.  If he’s the “one” time will tell.  Focus on being treated like a lady and what that feels like.  Below are some guidelines to help you feel less awkward more in control and have a great date.

Click the image below for a “First Date Advice Video: ⇓
First dates


  • Remember it’s a first date.  You’re not going to a ball, so no need to over do it.  First dates are usually casual or tend towards casual dressy depending on the plans.  Of course you always want to project a neat and clean appearance, well groomed and clean shaven for the warmer weather.  It’s summer so a dress, skirt and blouse, blouse and pants are all acceptable.  And by all means where your heels.  Lightweight fabrics and beautiful colors should be your go to outfits for the season.


  • Gone are the days of  cakey, heavy makeup.  You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard with your makeup.  In fact some guys do not like makeup that looks too heavy.  You should be fresh faced, highlighting the eyes, lips, and cheeks.  For summer your foundation should change and become lighter.  Look for a lightweight powder that’s translucent.

  • 2 light summer makeup tutorials,  ⇒One for caucasian skin, ⇒ and one for women of color.

image (2)

  • Choose to show one thing, not everything.  For instance, a dress or skirt will highlight your legs.  Spaghetti strap jumpsuit will show off your decolletage.  A nice pair of heels will shape your legs.  Open toes will show off your pedicure.  By all means have your nails and feet professionally done.




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