Celebrating Amazing Dads



Father’s day can be a tough one.  Deciding what to get your dear old dad.  Many men complain that Father’s day doesn’t get the hype that Mother’s day gets.  But here at SCW we love amazing dads and we honor the dads who make it happen everyday.  Sure, you could just pick him up another “world’s best dad” coffee mug.  He probably wouldn’t make a fuss.

But why not get him something unique this year?  After all we are talking about the guy who has fed you, loved you and provided for you.  He’s sacrificed time and again, played catch with you and taught you a thing or two about life. SCW is here to help you out in the ideas department.  We’ve put together a list of suggestions that’s sure to make his day.




10 Unique Father’s Day gifts ideas


  1.  For the rugged Dad, whether he has a passion for fishing or prefers to spend his time hiking and camping outdoors.  A paracord pod edc (everyday carry), with over 16 useful outdoors items wrapped in a stylish handy kit.


2.  For the tech savvy Dad.  The wireless fitness and sleep tracker.  It captures activity throughout the day.  It also acts as a sleeping coach by mapping sleep patterns and provides sleep stage insights.  After all he needs quality rest to rise to his full workout potential.  Plus it’s small and discrete so he can wear it anywhere.


3.  No tech savvy Dad would be complete without the newest gadget from Amazon.  Amazon’s HDMI streaming stick allows media junkies to enhance their viewing by mirroring content from their phone or slate onto an HDTV.  The fire stick supports all major apps, Netflix, ESPN, Pandora, HBO, and more.


4.  The classic Dad.  If your Dad golfs the only thing he’ll like more is telling his friends about the secret to improving his swing.  With the SKLZ tempo trainer he’ll be making miraculous improvements on the green.


5.  The classic Dad.  The tasting room.  Offers 6 sample sized bottles all neatly wrapped in a kit.  Once he’s sampled all the bottles he’s able to rate each one thus creating his own personalized wine profile with “The tasting room.”


6.  For all Dads.  Surprise Dad with a stunning 8 cigar sampler of Monte Cristo cigars individually wrapped in glass tubes.  Ideal for the smoker who desires an earthy Cuban style flavor.


7.  For the outdoors Dad. This hammock is ideal for summer adventures.  It’s durable, tear and water resistant makes for the perfect outdoor convenience.


8.  No more carrying USB cords.  The Mophie powerstation plus.  Two times the extra battery power in a sleek design.  Built in cables eliminate the need for USB cords.

9.  Saving the best for last.  For the cool Dad.  A company called “Cloud 9 living”, offers unique gifts for men.  One of their most popular gifts are the “Nascar ride along”.  Go to the “Cloud 9” website and type in your city state or region and it will give you nearest locations.  The one here in Orange County is located at the Auto Club Speedway.  Experience 500 horsepower as a professional driver takes you for the ride of your life.

DRI-DAL-0016 (2)


10.  For the tech savvy dad.  A tiny extreme sports camera that records HD video like a Gopro.  It clips easily to helmets and surfaces and works underwater.





Black father and son playing basketball in driveway





Girl (5-7) embracing father, close-up





Happy Father’s day to a cool Dad who is an amazing Father and husband.



To All the Amazing Dads from SCW

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