Fun Summer Date Nights Ideas


Summer is when dating really heats up.  Warmer temperatures and longer days means there are more options than ever for getting outdoors and spending time with that special someone.  Our summer date night post happens to fall on Fathers Day weekend.  So that means this weekend ladies are picking up the tab for their special man and or Dad (and rightfully so).  So if you are all out of ideas consider trying some of the following Summer Date Night Ideas.




1.  For summer evenings Jazz clubs are a nice alternative to dinner as usual.  Enjoy dinner and a show in one place while unwinding and relaxing to smooth jazz.



2.  Sail the day away.  Pack a picnic basket and enjoy the day on the water.


3.  Feeling a little adventurous?  Parasailing is the perfect summer activity on the water for those who want to live on the edge.


4.  Kayaking, a calm and relaxing activity.


5.  See a play.  There are a lot of great plays running during summer.


  6.  What could be more fun than laughter?  Laugh it up at a local comedy club.

Daughter playing games with her father standing beside her in an amusement park

7.  Playing games at the State Fair is super fun!


8.  Pack up early and hit the beach for a fun day.


9.  The best concerts are always in the summer.


10. Summer double Date night.

  • Fathers Day Bonus Tip:  If your Dad loves to eat like all men do,  take him to a Sunday Brunch this Fathers Day June 19th.  Several varieties of different kinds of delicious foods are available.  It’s affordable and a great way to spend time with family over a meal.  Get your money’s worth at an all you can eat buffet.



Verse Of the day:

Beach with scripture copy


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