Finding Joy in the busy Life of Mom


Mothers pour themselves out for their families.  It’s the way God wired us.  We want to nurture our babies and husbands and teach our children and keep our homes.  We are nurtures.  But what happens when the one who nurtures becomes tired and burned out?  You become overwhelmed when day after day there’s just too much to do on the “todo list”.  A mom can grow weary when she  has a newborn and hasn’t slept through the night in four years straight.  Or constantly shuttling teens to their activities.  Sound familiar?

We don’t always focus on the joy in motherhood because frankly so often we’re too busy and too overwhelmed to remember that it is a blessing.  So the question becomes how do we rediscover the joy in motherhood?


Boy Watching Mother Write Notes On Sofa

5 Ways to rediscover the Joy in Motherhood

  1. We must pray and ask God to restore the joy in our hearts.  God wants to help you embrace the fruit of the spirit.  He wants you to enjoy his blessings.  Joy is a choice we must desire it and decide on it.

  2. We must slow down.  Rome wasn’t built in the day.  One day at a time Sweet Jesus!  Choose to live today.  This day.  One day at a time.  It’s ok to plan for tomorrow.

  3. We must learn to say no to a long list of unnecessary commitments.  Being a mom and a wife your time is super valuable so you must choose what’s really important.  Trust God to work out the rest.

  4. We must remember the joy of the Lord is our strength.  We have to stop thinking we can only have joy if our situation is good or our circumstances change for the better.  Sometimes our circumstances do not change for the better and we have to ride it out and roll with the punches.  Often when your circumstances do not change it means God is changing you to better handle the circumstances.  Joy is knowing that no matter what our salvation and our existence in eternity is with Him.   Meaning that when it’s all said and done your good!!!  Because God is good!

  5.  We must trust that joy does come in the morning.  Whatever we’re going through we must remember that God has a plan.  He has it all figured out, and did so before you were born.  So often if we would just hold on, circumstances do eventually change and relief comes with a new day.  We can trust that ultimately even if we can’t understand the why’s and how’s of our temporary situation, true joy is realized wrapped in the love of our creator.




  • I’d be willing to bet that on that “to do list” you have not penciled yourself in.  There must be a time out for Mom.

  • Just as important as  the kids activities, if not more important is “mommy refreshment” time.  Heck even our computers need to be refreshed.

  • Schedule “Mommy Quiet times”.  For example, early in the morning before the kids get up you may want to enjoy a quiet, uninterrupted cup of hot coffee.  In the evenings when you put the kids to bed, you switch to wife role and maybe you want to enjoy a glass of wine with your husband when the two of you can actually have an uninterrupted conversation and totally focus on each other.

  • Mom needs pampering.  Schedule regular pedicures, manicures, massages, once a month do a spa date with your other mom friends.

  • By all means pray.  Stay spiritually strong by reading a scripture a day.  “Smart Christian Woman’s guide to life love and fulfillment book” has a scripture for each day of the year.  Rely on God to give you the strength you need to walk your particular path, to do that you must stay in his word.  John 15:5, “I am the vine and you are the branches if you abide in me you will bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.”  A branch stops growing when its disconnected from the tree.

  • Do not neglect yourself.  It’s okay to have some alone time for yourself, yes everyday even if it’s just a few minutes.

  • A mom’s job is ongoing non stop, your mind and emotions and physical body need rest.



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