Summer Date nights at home for Married Couples


Looking forward to your next date night?  Now that summer is here we want to get outdoors and have fun.  However being on a budget can put a slight damper on things.  Because of your need to scale things back a bit you may not be able to do all the activities that you enjoy.  For now at least that might be too costly in a lean time.
You may be saving for future plans and goals, or the kid’s needs.  For example you may not be able to eat out at a restaurant right now, or go to a concert, a play, or even a movie.  Does this mean that date night has to go by the wayside because you’re on a budget?  Absolutely not.  Discover the fun you can have with date nights in!!!



1.  Cheese and fruit appetizers with wine, stimulating conversation and company you enjoy


2.  Prepare a meal together


3.  Strip poker.  Shop Barnes and Noble for sexy board and card games for couples


4.  Movie marathon


5.  Have a music session and make a cd of your favorite songs together


6.  Barbecue in the backyard


Date Night 1_0

7.  Make a homemade pizza together


8.  Chinese take out

22672811 - couple in sofa with laptop pc computer at home laughing happy relaxing together having fun. romantic young happy multiracial couple lying resting having fun together watching a movie. man and woman.

9.  Go to the web and make vacation plans


10.Make  Fondue and pair it with a nice bottle of wine



11.  Make milk shakes,  ice cream sundaes, and or banana splits


12.  Watch a stand up comedy video

romantic dinner at home

13.  Appetizers and Intimacy


14.  A game of cards


15.  Play chess


16.  Truth or dare

Woman beating her fiance while playing video games in their living room

17.  Game of one on one

A good-looking man getting a back massage lying down

18.  Couples massage therapy


19.  Make a journal or picture album of the best moments from your relationship


20. Indoor picnic

Love Couple Wallpapers (14)

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