30 Days to Better Sex, (A journey through Intimacy)


Amid the daily grind so often our loved ones take the back burner.  We expect our partners to be there for us and love them unconditionally even we’re cranky and burned out.  A busy life can cause distance and disconnection in relationships.  So how do you stay connected when the world  around you is spinning like a tornado?  You ground yourself in the relationship.

It’s time to be more present and intimate with your spouse.  Intimacy involves opening yourself up, sharing and connecting with your partner.  Through intimate moments whether sexual or nonsexual which married couples will explore in our fun, “30 day better sex through intimacy challenge”.

The goal is to connect.  Intimacy does not always mean sex, it can be sex.  However, want you want to shoot for here is to become closer by making connecting a priority thus achieving closeness, affection, familiarity and maybe even butterflies again.  Ladies this is how you keep your marriage strong.


  • What is an intimate relationship?  An intimate relationship is an interpersonal relationship that involves emotional and or physical intimacy.

  • Intimacy is characterized by closeness, togetherness, affinity, rapport, attachment.

  • There are two ways couples can do the challenge. The first is to actually have sex for thirty days everyday.  The second way is to work on achieving intimacy everyday for 30 days that ultimately leads to better sex.  It doesn’t have to mean intercourse, orgasm or nakedness for that matter.  The purpose is to enrich your relationship through intimacy which leads to better sex.



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Couple lying in bed

30 Ways Intimate acts, sexual and non sexual, can create Intimacy in your Relationship

  1. Show Gratitude
  2. Have a no holds barred talk about things that are important
  3. Share positive memories
  4. Show trust
  5. Affection
  6. mutual massages
  7. Sleeping naked together
  8. Regular hugs
  9. Intimate conversations about your desires.
  10. A loving email or text
  11. Cuddling naked without having sex
  12. Submerge in water together nude
  13. Having a healthy regular sex life
  14.  Breathing exercises
  15. Tantric massage
  16. Setting the scene.  Nothing can kill intimacy like clutter and a dirty home.  Set the scene for romance by having nice clean smelling surroundings.  You can use air fresheners or carpet fresheners with pleasant scents.  Scented candles also work well
  17. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable
  18. Trying something new
  19. Commit to kissing hello and goodbye everyday
  20. Reduce your complaints and increase your praise of your partner for the next 30 days
  21. Bathing together
  22. undressing your partner
  23. Reminisce about the hottest sex you’ve had together and the reasons why it was a great experience for you two.
  24. Make plans to have no plans just spend time together
  25. Blindfold each other while you explore intimate affection.  The purpose of this is with your sight temporarily out of commission, it allows you to concentrate more on touch.  As a result it’s a different feeling. (this one can be really fun)
  26. Spend deliberate time apart.  Sometimes the best way to appreciate your partner is to be distant from them. (it can just be a few hours)
  27. Learn what your partner’s love language is.  For example: Acts of service, physical touch, words of affirmation.  Once you know what gets their juices flowing act on it continually
  28. Leave a romantic note for your partner.  It not only keeps you on their mind, it makes your partner feel loved and appreciated that you did it
  29. Make out in the backseat of your car in a secluded area
  30. Rent a hotel room spontaneously near your home.  The purpose for this is have sex somewhere other than your home.  Sometimes a change of environment can be what’s needed to reignite those sparks.

An excited bride and groom embrace each other and laughing on their wedding day






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