Loving your Spouse through Different Seasons of Life


Life can change at the drop of a hat.  Bad news, a sudden move, a new baby, loss of income, death, you name it.  Sometimes it’s a good surprise like a job promotion, even with that there are changes.  Life is full of change.  However, even through all the changes life goes on.  As life moves forward we may be unsure of how to handle all the changes.  We may be unsure of how to handle our marriage as we move into our newest season.
Marriage is not an easy relationship to manage.  However if there are two willing parties marriage can thrive in the midst of whatever challenges life may bring.  Although we are unable to control what happens, we are able to control our choices and reactions to the circumstances.  Ecclesiastes 3,  “there is a time and a season for everything.”

  1. Seek God’s perspective for this season in your life.  Pray and ask Him what do you want me to learn in this season?  Discern the voice of the Holy spirit.   It may be a difficult time and God may not take it away but He will give you the grace to get through it.  2 Corinthians 12:9, “My grace, favor, loving kindness, and mercy is sufficient for you.  My strength and power are made perfect in your weakness.” This tells me in very plain terms that, “It could be a lot worse.”

  2. Give yourself and your spouse extra grace.  You are in a different season which means new territory.  There will need to be a period of adjustment and the two of you will need to extend that grace to one another.

  3. Embrace that you are in a new season.  Try and wrap your mind around the fact that you have a “new normal”.  For example, before you were parents you could take long vacations without a care in the world.  Now that you have a new baby, couple getaways will take some careful planning, childcare etc..  Perhaps your husband’s job moves you to a new city.  It’s going to take time to become acclimated and make new friends.

  4. Simplify your goals and productivity.  One of the most powerful ways to concentrate less on the negative is to focus your intentions on priorities.  Eliminate and concentrate wherever possible.

  5. Find the good in the situation.  There are always pros and cons.



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