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Light and delicious, love your Summer Meals


From kitchen to table in under 30 minutes.  Delicious light summer meals to take the fuss out of a light healthy dinner.  As the temperature rises make your time in the kitchen easier on yourself.  Serve cold and light tasty meals that will fill and satisfy in less than 30 minutes.  Below are 8 healthy summer meals for your weekday and weekend menu.

8 Delicious Summer Meals



Baked Cod.  Bake 350 degree oven grease pan with olive oil, season and garnish, melt 2 tbls of butter and pour over fish while baking.  Bring fresh corn to a boil until kernels are tender butter and serve.


Lemon herb crusted fish pan seared white fish.  Package of lemon crust pan seared atop white fish with olive oil, cornmeal, and flour.



Cold Cuts.  Are always a big hit in summer, my husband and my son love them..  Just buy the lunch meat of your choice, sub rolls and make them up to your liking.  Great for kids , delicious and not a lot of fuss for you.


Tacos.   Can be made with ground beef, chicken or turkey, add vegetables tomato lettuce, cheese, onion, sauce and shells.


Stir fry shrimp and vegetables.  Steam shrimp for best flavor cook shrimp and vegetables in wok with olive oil and seasoning.

Photograph of two chicken filets on the barbecue
Buttery Garlic grilled chicken breasts


Lettuce cut into wedge shape atop with bacon, sour cream, onion

tortilla wraps with vegetables

Vegetable wraps.  Soft tortillas with vegetables

Family preparing healthy lunches

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