Being taken for Granted and how to Stop It


Do you find yourself taken for granted all the time?   Either by your family, friends, or in relationships?  You may be assertive and in control in your life and a loving and caring person.  But somewhere along the way you discovered that the people you love are taking you and the things you do for them for granted almost all the time. I’ve found that the best course of action when you feel your being taken advantage of is simply stop. if you feel your efforts go unappreciated, stop putting in the effort. ( that’s what I do) there’s a saying that”you never miss your water until the well runs dry” and it’s true. Also its biblical to pull back at times in relationships. Ecclesiastes 3, says, “there’s a time for everything, a time for giving and a time for refraining.”  You may have also heard of Job 1:21, “The Lord giveth and the Lord takes away.”  See if you can identify any of the traits below within yourself and once you’ve identified them you can move toward overcoming it.

These 5 truths below will help you identify personality traits that result in you being taken for granted.

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 1. You can’t say no!
 You have a hard time declining something to people ask of you.  You’d rather take on commitments or responsibilities than say no.  You may think you’re being sweet but your inability to say no will only make others take you for granted and hate you when you don’t help them again.  Spreading yourself too thin isn’t fair to you or healthy.

  • You put a stop to this by giving non-committal answers and simply, politely, respond: I’ll let you know if I can do that.  I have a lot on my plate right now I don’t want to take on too much.  Sorry, I can’t.  Or simply “No”.

2. You’re too sweet.  You’re a people pleaser and you just can’t be rude to others.  You convince yourself that you’re a sweet person in a bad world.  But in reality you may be the idealistic push over in a real world who’s too sweet and nice.  This forces others to take advantage because they know they can.

  • You put a stop to this by being forthright with them.  You don’t have to be rude to get your point across.  You don’t even have to yell or scream or any of that, just simply express yourself.  Also people can only take advantage of you to the point you let them.  So next time you tell them that you can’t do it and they get mad at you, Good!!  Now you can be rid of them or at least their requests.  And who knows, it might even make them appreciate you a little more ha?

3.  You can’t be alone.  You constantly feel the need to have someone as a witness to your life.   Independence scares you.  You find it easier to go out of your way to go along to get along with someone who treats you badly instead of being alone.  The problem is you don’t feel comfortable by yourself.  I’m married, but I love my alone time.

  •  You can put a stop to this by facing your feelings of being alone and letting go of all negative relationships.  Spend time alone and hear what your spirit is telling you.

4.  You don’t believe in yourself.  Somewhere deep inside you doubt yourself and your capabilities.  You find flaws within yourself and see others as flawless.  You’re broken from the inside and feel a constant need to please others and be accepted by them.

  •  You put a stop to this by knowing that you are  accepted and loved by God and pray that He delivers you from people pleasing and pray to bring out the strength in you…

5.  You can’t confront people.  No one likes an unpleasant situation, but if you feel like you’re being taken for granted confront the issue.

  • You put a stop to this by confronting the person it can only go two ways.  One, the person will apologize and acknowledge your feelings.  You can then move forward from there and the  issue stops.  Or the person will get mad at you for speaking up in which case they are only concerned with themselves.





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