Summer Fling? Or the Real Thing?

Couple Holding Hands At Outdoor Restaurant Table

Summer romances can be tricky.  It’s one of the hardest seasons to tell if your impending courtship will be short lived or last beyond the season for the long haul.  The heat is on and it’s hunting season for the primal male.  Some men look at summer flings as an alternative to commitment.  Men can be really smooth at laying on the charm to reel you in.  So unless you want to be his fair weather friend, learn to spot if a relationship is a summer fling or the real thing.


  • A fling.  Is careless and effortless with almost no effort made to impress.  Because after all flings have an ending, (usually bad).  They’re just a trade off for immediate fun instead of long term fulfillment.  What you may believe are “dates” are really just “hangouts”.   There is little chance you’re meeting the family, so don’t sell yourself short.  You deserve to be pursued, courted, and treated like a lady.  Anything less is waste of your time and you’ll wind up feeling empty inside.


  •  The real thing.  A relationship is the real thing when two people bring emotional intimacy into the relationship.  Not sex.  Emotional intimacy means honesty and closeness and two people start to care about common interests.  It’s a “willful” thing meaning you are consciously making the decision to want to know about this person more than just a surface level.  They desire a companion for a long term relationship.
  • Smart tip of the day: Always remember that “Lust takes” and “Love gives”

Psalm 55:12, “His words are as smooth as butter yet war is in his heart.  His words are more soothing than oil yet they are drawn swords.”




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