Summer fashion Trends and Tips


As the sun heats up in August women want to stay cool while looking their best.  SCW is giving you the best in summer tips, trends, and tricks, from head to toe.  So let’s go!  There’s still lots of warm weather left to enjoy.

Attractive summer woman enjoying her time outside in park with blue sky in background.


  • Summer Hair

Tip #1,  Long or short get your hair out of your face.

Tip #2,  No matter the style, length,or color of your hair, whatever you rock just make sure it looks good!!!

Hayden Panettiere 24771b7f17cd251ba132b21c095ad21b4

Fun beautiful french braids


Long and silky straight or a short curly textured crop


Chin length bob or short pixie cut

  • Skin and Makeup

Tip #3,  Always use sunscreen whenever your skin is exposed to the sun to prevent sunburn sun damage and premature aging.

Tip #4,  In warm weather Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, your skin with an all over moisturizer after every bath and shower.  The skin tends to dry out more in the heat.

Tip #5,  Make a habit of washing your face before bed to remove all makeup.  Makeup left on overnight will clog your pores and the results will be acne.


  • Summer is a great time for a facial


  • Less is more in summer makeup


  • Lightweight makeup for darker and lighter skin types

  • For women of color, Iman has a new skin care line of toners for all shades of color

  • Get that beautiful summer glow for bronze beautiful women of color, try Clinique and Mac





  • Summer Glow even toned skin


Beautiful hair, lightweight makeup and a gorgeous manicure and pedicure all set to go!


  • Get that Bronze glowing look for lighter toned skin

glowing summer skin

  • Nails

Tip #6,  Use a foot cream after showers, baths, and pedicures to soften your feet, Our feet tend to dry out in the summer.

Tip #7,  I recommend Ms. Pedicure foot cream, (CVS, Walmart)



  • What’s trending in summer wardrobe?  The long and the short of it.

  • There’s nothing more sexy than a woman who takes good care of herself.  Men notice!

  • It starts with a beautiful spirit, a healthy mind and body, and a beautiful appearance.

  • You don’t have to look like a model, just look like you care about your appearance and you’ll attract a man that cares about himself.  You don’t attract who you want, you attract who you are.


The maxi dress, super feminine fun, flirty,Ladylike


The one piece romper is back classy, feminine, cool


The must have Cover Up in beautiful colors


From casual denim, day to evening elegance, or date night sexy these sexy summer pieces turn up the heat.


The sexy crochet one piece the hottest trend of the summer


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