Managing Financial stress in Marriage


All Couples face financial stress at one time or another.  Financial stress is not only caused by a lack of money or work.  It also results from different spending styles, money management and ways of coping with stress and life challenges.  Money matters are one of the most common factors for divorce.  When financial crises occurs couples can be forced to deal with changes that can be uncomfortable.  If not handled in a healthy manner financial stress can lead to;

  • Increased conflict and irritability
  • Distancing/ withdraw
  • Fears, worries, insecurities
  • Blame and underlying resentment
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Physical symptoms and illness
  • Decreased affection?  Sex life
  • Problems with changing roles and lifestyles

calculator and pen grip on the calculations of profit, loss, etc.


 5 Ways to handle Financial stress in a Marriage



  1. Have an honest conversation about your finances.  Know what’s coming in what’s going out.  Where you can cut back, as well as discuss your goals and plans for the future.  Formulate a plan to pay off debt and save.  Sounds like a tall order when you can hardly see your way clear but one step at a time.


 2. Have a doable budget that makes sense.  If you’re a couple that eats out every night, that can be budgeted to once or twice a week.  Assess what daily pleasures you can compromise on.  Did you know that a daily Starbucks run with an average of $6.00 a day times 5 days a week is $30.00 times 4 weeks in a month is $120.00 in 2 and half months you spend $300.00 on latte’s.  What can your kids do without?


 3. Know that there are always going to be lean times and times of plenty.  A good strong partner knows how to be abased and abound.  Philippians 4:12,  “I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty.”

Couple counting money --- Image by © Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Image/Blend Images/Corbis

 4. Band together!  Build each other up in times of financial stress make sure your husband knows how much he is appreciated as leader of the home.  Your troubles are his troubles and vice versa, so there’s no need in fighting each other you stand against the troubles together. Mark 10:8,  “the two shall become one.”


 5. Get on the same page and come out stronger together.  Be wise and good stewards of what God has given you.  Proverbs 17:16,  “What good is money in the hands of a fool.”



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