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Labor Day Family Weekend at the Beach

Cheerful family in the sun

On Labor day we kick back and try to do as little labor as possible.  That’s what it’s all about.  Sadly labor day weekend marks the end of summer.  This holiday weekend we raise our glasses for those long work weeks and endless hours we put in.  Many Americans will hit the beaches this weekend, time for fun, time for family and relaxation.

America’s Top Ten Beaches

•  Manele Bay, Hawaii

•  Clear water Florida

•  Martha’s vineyard

•  Myrtle Beach South Carolina

•  Miami Beach

•  Nantucket t Massachusetts

•  East Hampton New York

•  Coronado California

•  Kauna’au Bay Hawaii

•  St. Barts


Family of four having fun on tropical beach

7 Ways Americans will spend their Labor Day Holiday

  • Barbecue at home.
  • Going to a relatives barbecue
  • Some Americans will travel to see family and friends
  • National parks, amusement parks, camping and surfing
  • Beach party
  • Music concert
  • Church activities, games and dinners






Your SCW weekend getaway Checklist

•  Suncreen

•  Tote bag perfect for your day at the beaches it allows you to combine all your essentials, keys, phones tablet, water, snacks etc..

•  A swimsuit cover up

•  Casual dress

•  Water bottles

•  First aid kit for kids minor (scrapes and bruises)

•  Strappy heels

•  Cocktail dress for evening

Family on the beach

African American family making sand castle together on beach --- Image by © Ian Lishman/Juice Images/Corbis




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