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22 Ways to show Love to your Wife


It’s the little things in day to day life that really make a difference in your relationship.  In order to “show” love to your wife you must take action!  “Show” is an action word.  Although good, it’s not enough to tell your wife that you love her.  You must demonstrate through deeds and actions.  As the saying goes, “actions speak louder than words!”

22 Simple ways to show love to your Wife

  •  Buy her flowers just because.

  Offer to take care of the kids while she takes a bath or has some quiet time reading a book.

  •  Surprise her.  Plan a date for just the two of you and don’t tell her what any of the plans are.

   Thank her regularly for the things she does around the house that you may take for granted.

  •  Give her a foot massage.

   Finally get around to that project she has asked you to do.

   Give her a long kiss when you come home from work.

   On your next date make an extra effort to look good for her and dress up for her.

  Tell her she doesn’t have to cook that night and bring dinner home.

   Thank her verbally and often for being a wonderful wife and mother.

   Like her blouse?  Think her hair looks particularly pretty that day.  Make a point of telling her, be specific.

   Compliments go a long way.

    Send her a love note e-card to brighten her day.

   Tell her what you love most about her today.

   Surprise her with a clean car.

  •  Tell her how beautiful she is.

   Give her plenty of physical affection.  Hugs, kisses, massages, closeness.

   Plan dinner and make it for her.

   Tell her you love her.

   Treat her to a spa day.

   Kiss her on the hand

  Give her some cuddle time just because.






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