How Christian Women can Mentor and be Mentored



What does it take to be a mentor?   Perfection?  Formal training?  Grandmotherhood?  No.  It takes a heart for God, experience in life, a love for people, and a willingness to extend yourself.  Many young women in today’s church eagerly desire a mentor.  But they have difficulty finding an older woman to step into that role.  There is wisdom and benefits in mentoring.

The bible talks specifically about the relationship between  women.  Titus 2:3, “Older women teach and train younger women to love their husbands and their children to be self-controlled and pure.”  Perhaps you’re a woman of 30 or 35 years and you don’t consider yourself to be an older woman, but you’re a woman with experience and that’s all it takes.  So you don’t have to be old to step into the role of mentor.


5 Ways to be a Spiritual Mentor

•  Be available – Being available with timely and godly advice can make the difference for the individual who is without an anchor.

•  Be a listener –  Listen first.  Let her open up.  Be trustworthy.  Wait until she asks for your thoughts before offering them.  The person you mentor must feel they have confidentiality with you and nothing you talk about will go any further.  That’s how trusts is established.

•  Be an example –  Live it.   People won’t always believe what you say but they will believe what you do.  Be the example you want to set.  Whatever you teach should be made manifest in your life.

•  Be purposeful – fill the need.  This person may need a prayer partner.  A surrogate parent because her parents were not fit.  Maybe she needs a better understanding of the bible.  Some guidance for her life.

•  Be real – We are all sinners saved by grace.  Share your mistakes, your downfalls, be honest don’t let them think living as a Christian is a piece a cake, though extremely rewarding.  Let them know it’s hard to do the right things sometimes but with God all things are possible.




Look online for Christian mentoring programs in your city.  Read more about mentoring here.

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