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10 Outfit Ideas for your 2016 Winter Date Night


It’s cold!  But you still want to look hot for your date.  Below freezing temperatures dictate wearing layers to insulate warmth.  It’s cozy sweater weather!  And you can be stylishly warm.  Millennials like to be casually stylish.  Whatever your plans for date night you’ll be ready with SCW’s  winter date night outfit picks.


  • The great thing about winter date night is you can pair a great sweater with a pair of leggings and boots and whola’  grab your stylish bag and go.

  • Leather.  Very hip and stylish (skirt or pants) can also be paired with a sweater and boots.

  • Dark Denim for winter clean and classic.  Can also be paired with sweater and boots.

  • A great pair of leather or suede long boots (heel or flat)


10 Stylish warm Date Night Looks







          New York City





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Facebook Depression


dollarphotoclub_62656738 What is Facebook depression?  And why has it become such a common theme?  One study reported that 25% of college students with facebook accounts report being depressed at times. Researchers have studied the links between depression and excessive online use. The popularity of Facebook is undeniable with its 1.23 billion active users around the world, status updates, personal messaging, chatrooms and online games.  It has established itself as the place to be, and be seen online. So why do so many facebook users report being depressed and lonely?

Personally I think it depends on the person. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Facebook itself.  I think there are some positives to  the concept of connecting with friends and family, sharing memories, promoting businesses, professional networking, common interests ,etc..  I think kept in proper perspective and using it to your advantage is a good thing.  But you have to know who you are!  And more importantly who you are in Christ!



What are some causes of Facebook depression?

  • How many Facebook friends you have or don’t have.

  • Feelings of inadequacy toward others that have a perceived “better life” or are more attractive.

  • Negative comments and cyberbullying

  • Obsessively checking updates status



Any sane, grounded woman of God knows that this is a social tool that can be fun.  The problem comes when your whole life, or whole self image, or self esteem even, is wrapped up in your online life and how many fake friends you have.  First of all a Christian knows you don’t worship anything but God!  Exodus 20:3, “Thou shalt not have any God’s before me.”  What’s important is the people God has placed in your life.  Pay more attention to your real friends if you have them because it’s a blessing.

People who don’t know who they are try to fulfill themselves with their online life, you’re trying to fill a void only God can fill.  Comparison to other people is a thief, a robber, “the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy”, John 10:10.  Remember also that the internet is an egomaniac’s dream!  They may be a loser in life living in mom’s basement but online they make themselves a “god” so you can’t believe everything you see online.  Stop thievery.  It’s dead in it’s tracks by celebrating what is good about you!  I know there are some things you wish you could change, but what do you like about you?

What are your best qualities and attributes?  Make a list. What can you do better than anybody else?  Celebrate any milestones lately, lost weight, had a baby, graduate college, new career or job? What’s good? God has designed a place for you to “Fit” just perfect!  The trouble with a lot of women is that they try to fit where they don’t belong which gets them in a lot of trouble.  The good news is there is a place that is designed just for you! A place that no one else can fit” in but you.  Tell God to show you where you “fit”.


Verse of the day:


Thought of the day:  Our hearts are with Brazil today. God bless all the families who’ve lost loved ones. May the Lord bring peace to your hearts.


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Habits of Successful Women



Success is not luck, it’s intentional.  There are certain habits that successful women all share.  In order to be successful you must do things on purpose!  There should be a purpose to everything we do. Ask yourself, “is what I’m doing bringing me closer to my goals or away from it”?  Time is precious and today matters, make it count!  Remember that time is our most precious commodity, once we lose it we can never get it back.  Spend your time wisely.  Spend it on things that will bring you closer to your goals, and the things that you enjoy, the people you enjoy.  Success is a habit.



1. Rise Early.  Super successful people, CEO’s and leaders all rise early to get a head start on the day. And of course smart successful moms add yourself to the list of leaders because you’re a leader as well.

2. Exercise in the morning. It takes real commitment, but has great benefit. You’ve knocked it out for the day, boosted your mental agility, increased your energy level and you’re all set to take on day!

3. Plan ahead and take digital notes.  She’s a planner, she plans ahead.  It’s good to take notes and review your reminder app on your phone a couple of times a week to stay on track.

4. Successful women challenge themselves.  She challenges herself, intellectually, mentally, physically. She’s always challenging herself to come up higher and achieve more.

5. She’s financially savvy.  It’s vitally important to be on top of our financial situation.  Successful women are successful because they manage the important areas of their life.  Financial stability is a huge part of life.  And that doesn’t mean you have to earn a six figure salary, but we do need to be good financial stewards of what God gives us.




Smart Tip of the Day:

Today is cyber Monday, the equivalent of black Friday for online shoppers.  Check out the deals, save some cash, shop smart.


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Verse of the Day


Verse of the Day:


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Scripture Affirmation




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Stress Free Holiday Shopping Tips


It’s the most blessed time of the year. Don’t let the stress of holiday shopping diminish your spirit.  Be a  smart shopper use SCW’s 5 tips for a stress free holiday shopping experience.


1. Make a list.  Be a smart shopper, never go Christmas shopping armed with credit cards, cash and no plan.  It’s like going to the grocery store when you’re hungry.  Sure you expect to pick up one or two items that weren’t on the list, however a couple of items can add up quick to $100 or more.

2. Comparison shop and check for discounts on-line.  Compare prices between retailers, and check for online only deals.

3. Allow extra time for holiday shipping when shopping online.  Expedited shipping rates are expensive, and  holiday shipping can be slow.  Place your orders as early as possible to ensure that your packages will arrive before Christmas morning.

4. Shop during off-peak hours.  If you can get away or your schedule is flexible try shopping weekdays early morning or afternoon.  You’ll avoid the shopping crazed weekend crowd.

5. Start early.  Starting early is the best way to making it a stress free process.  You’ll avoid the rush, items will be less likely to sell out.  You’ll give yourself more time to shop and avoid overspending by rushing to buy things.  And you’ll be the first in the gift wrapping line.




Woman walking along street with Christmas shopping


Verse of the day:


The Christmas season has officially begun from New York City’s Rockefeller Center to Southern California The Grove.  Happy Holidays everyone.



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Thanksgiving Day


How will you spend your Thanksgiving Day?







Thoughtful tip of the Day:

If you know someone who is going to be alone today and there’s room at your table for one more, do invite them.  No one should be alone on the holiday.  I’ve been there, before I was married with a family. It was one of our favorite holidays between my mom and I. We’d do Thanksgiving at her house and Christmas at my house. After she passed it took the fun out of holidays for me. Truth be told I could have reached out to family members on holidays, but I didn’t, I wanted to be alone. It was like if I can’t have her I don’t want anything.

But actually that’s not the right attitude to have. In order to combat loneliness you have to socialize and engage with others. Or you could do as I did, I didn’t just sit around feeling sorry for myself. I got out and helped others, that can also help you take your mind off your self.  I served meals to the homeless at the Salvation Army on the east coast. So shout out to all organizations serving the homeless today around the world God Bless you!



Verse of the Day:






To all our viewers and followers around the world, thank you for your support!  From our family to yours:


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A Thanksgiving Prayer for Families



Details for aThanksgiving table


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Thanksgiving Entertaining



Thanksgiving entertaining is an American tradition.  A celebration of beloved foods and customs.  They evoke happy memories of time spent with family and friends. To make sure your dinner party runs smoothly, have a plan for how you’d like the evening to go.  Do as much as you can ahead of time to allow yourself a little more time to eliminate feeling pressured.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations to dress up your table, you just have to know where to shop.  Try places like Michael’s, Target and Dollar Tree.  A great party starts with a great host.  It is the job of the host to make sure the environment is warm and inviting and that guests feel welcomed.

Below are 5 simple practical tips to make your Thanksgiving entertaining a memorable event.


  1.  Do set a warm and inviting table.


  2.  Add candles to give your table an elegant touch


Glass candle containers add a sophisticated touch to any table.


  3.  Be sure to have tasty non alcoholic drink for guest who do not drink wine. For that festive look dress with garnish and serve cold.


 4. Pray. Give thanks to God for all your blessings and remember not to take a day for granted.


  5. If you’re going to be cooking for a large number of people ask your guests to each bring a dish. For instance if you’re hosting and cooking the meal, they can bring the desserts, pies, etc.  Ask your guest to each bring a dish.

Multi-generation family enjoying traditional holiday meal, grandmother serving turkey and mother holding pie.

Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.



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Thanksgiving Planning Guide



Thanksgiving is almost here!

And SCW wants to take the stress out of preparing a large meal, so you can enjoy your holiday. Getting ready for the holidays will be easy with our tips and recipes.  Step by step instructions on roasting a turkey, turkey gravy, baked mac and cheese and desserts.  Sit back relax and enjoy as you watch and learn.  No one needs to know where you got your recipes.  Tell them it’s just a little something I whipped up!  Special thanks to Whole Foods and pioneer woman and Martha Stewart courtesy of SCW.


Top 5 Favorites of Thanksgiving


Baked Mac and Cheese


Pumpkin mini appetizers


Pumpkin Pie


Sweet Potato pie


Cranberry Sauce

African American Family Celebrating Thanksgiving --- Image by © Ariel Skelley/CORBIS

Multi Generation Family Celebrating Thanksgiving


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Thanksgiving Week, Verse of the Day



God bless you all my blessed readers.  You’ve been with me all the way and I appreciate you.  May the blessings of the Lord remain in your life and on your tables!  It’s my favorite time of the year, the crisp cold air, (as much as you can get in Cali).  Contrary to popular belief it does get cold here this time of year, mostly at night.  Cold mornings and cold nights, but the days can get up to 80 degrees or more.  However, the temps are coming down now to about low 70’s during the day.

Being from the east coast I love the cold, a fireplace, you know relaxing!  I’m officially on my Thanksgiving break from school! Yay!!!. Nice to slow down a bit.  My days have been so busy and evenings full of study and writing.  So I’m very grateful for this time as I’m sure you guys are also grateful to spend this time with your families!  Enjoy some delicious food and chill, I’m with you!  Ok guys we’ve got a full week planned for you next week as promised.  So take a look below to check out what’s coming up next week!

Coming up next week

  •  Thanksgiving planning guide

  •  Thanksgiving hosting & Entertaining Tips

  •  Winter  vacation getaway

  •  Where to meet Christian men

  •  Top 5 fall date night ideas



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Verse of the Day


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Verse of the Day


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Verse of the Day


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