Thanksgiving Week, Verse of the Day



God bless you all my blessed readers.  You’ve been with me all the way and I appreciate you.  May the blessings of the Lord remain in your life and on your tables!  It’s my favorite time of the year, the crisp cold air, (as much as you can get in Cali).  Contrary to popular belief it does get cold here this time of year, mostly at night.  Cold mornings and cold nights, but the days can get up to 80 degrees or more.  However, the temps are coming down now to about low 70’s during the day.

Being from the east coast I love the cold, a fireplace, you know relaxing!  I’m officially on my Thanksgiving break from school! Yay!!!. Nice to slow down a bit.  My days have been so busy and evenings full of study and writing.  So I’m very grateful for this time as I’m sure you guys are also grateful to spend this time with your families!  Enjoy some delicious food and chill, I’m with you!  Ok guys we’ve got a full week planned for you next week as promised.  So take a look below to check out what’s coming up next week!

Coming up next week

  •  Thanksgiving planning guide

  •  Thanksgiving hosting & Entertaining Tips

  •  Winter  vacation getaway

  •  Where to meet Christian men

  •  Top 5 fall date night ideas



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