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Facebook Depression


dollarphotoclub_62656738 What is Facebook depression?  And why has it become such a common theme?  One study reported that 25% of college students with facebook accounts report being depressed at times. Researchers have studied the links between depression and excessive online use. The popularity of Facebook is undeniable with its 1.23 billion active users around the world, status updates, personal messaging, chatrooms and online games.  It has established itself as the place to be, and be seen online. So why do so many facebook users report being depressed and lonely?

Personally I think it depends on the person. There’s nothing inherently wrong with Facebook itself.  I think there are some positives to  the concept of connecting with friends and family, sharing memories, promoting businesses, professional networking, common interests ,etc..  I think kept in proper perspective and using it to your advantage is a good thing.  But you have to know who you are!  And more importantly who you are in Christ!



What are some causes of Facebook depression?

  • How many Facebook friends you have or don’t have.

  • Feelings of inadequacy toward others that have a perceived “better life” or are more attractive.

  • Negative comments and cyberbullying

  • Obsessively checking updates status



Any sane, grounded woman of God knows that this is a social tool that can be fun.  The problem comes when your whole life, or whole self image, or self esteem even, is wrapped up in your online life and how many fake friends you have.  First of all a Christian knows you don’t worship anything but God!  Exodus 20:3, “Thou shalt not have any God’s before me.”  What’s important is the people God has placed in your life.  Pay more attention to your real friends if you have them because it’s a blessing.

People who don’t know who they are try to fulfill themselves with their online life, you’re trying to fill a void only God can fill.  Comparison to other people is a thief, a robber, “the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy”, John 10:10.  Remember also that the internet is an egomaniac’s dream!  They may be a loser in life living in mom’s basement but online they make themselves a “god” so you can’t believe everything you see online.  Stop thievery.  It’s dead in it’s tracks by celebrating what is good about you!  I know there are some things you wish you could change, but what do you like about you?

What are your best qualities and attributes?  Make a list. What can you do better than anybody else?  Celebrate any milestones lately, lost weight, had a baby, graduate college, new career or job? What’s good? God has designed a place for you to “Fit” just perfect!  The trouble with a lot of women is that they try to fit where they don’t belong which gets them in a lot of trouble.  The good news is there is a place that is designed just for you! A place that no one else can fit” in but you.  Tell God to show you where you “fit”.


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