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New Year’s Eve


The United States New Year’s Eve is celebrated by formal parties, family oriented activities, and other large public events. The most prominent celebration in this country is the ball drop held in New York City Times Square.  The ball is lowered from 70 ft high. The ball drop has been held since 1907.  Radio and television broadcasts the festivities from New York including popular acts of pop culture.  The events average 10 million spectators annually. Other notable celebrations are held around the world such as the Las Vegas strip New Year’s Eve celebration.  The strip is closed to vehicle traffic and a large fireworks display is held at midnight, which spans across multiple resort buildings.

Disneyland theme parks also hold New Year’s celebrations. Including both Disneyland in California and Disney world in Florida.  Los Angeles, a city long without a major public New Years celebration now holds an inaugural gathering in Downtown’s Grant Park with a media light show  started in 2014.  In France New Years is celebrated by a feast.  The feast includes special seafood dishes such as oysters and champagne.  So no matter the culture or geographical location New Year’s celebrations are very special for all!



Rome Italy

How will you spend your New year’s eve?

  • Church service


  • Masquerade Ball


  • Hanging out with friends


  • Just the two of you


  • Fireworks



Happy new year to all our followers and viewers you have made our year special! We wish you love, peace, and prosperity today and throughout the new year!

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New Year’s Eve Guide to Party Ideas, Datenight, Top post, and Reflection


I love the New Year!  There’s an air of goodness, hope, expectation and fun! Hosting the biggest party of the year is awesome.  New year’s eve parties tend to be upbeat and elegant.  Whereas Thanksgiving and Christmas are defined by family.  New Year’s is for everyone and parties tend to be a bit larger.

SCW shares a few tips on how to make your holiday sparkle


Pick a color theme. When you have a consistent color theme it looks elegant and makes things easier for you.


The Drink of the New year is Champagne.  Notice the difference between a wine glass and a champagne flute.


Appetizers.  If you’re not serving a full meal, serve a fruit and cheese platter in addition to the champagne.  It’s easy,and healthy and delicious.

Spice up your decorations. With New Year’s memorabilia glasses, confetti, party hats balloons.





  • To really make a memorable evening take home party favors for your guests



Your New Year’s Eve Holidate Night



Tips for your Holidate night for New Year’s Eve

Okay, it’s the biggest party night and date night of the year.  And you don’t want to go out alone or worse stay home alone, and why should you?  You work hard you deserve a night out, an end of the year bash!

  • Have an escort to attend parties and events with.  You don’t have to be in a serious relationship to go out and have fun.  It’s called a plus one!  A plus one is someone you attend events with instead of going alone.
  •  If you’re not driving, be prepared with your own ride home just in case your date is too intoxicated to drive you home.
  • If it’s a girl’s night out, (great) only be sure to separate yourself from the pack a little during the night to mingle.  Who knows who you may meet.  Lots of relationships start New Year’s Eve.



Curious about the Top Post of 2016?

#1 Post of the Year:  “Can a Christian woman be a cougar?”


Who knew this post would get so much attention?  Are you a single woman over 50?  Good news: you have more options when it comes to men than you might think.

Top 4 reasons younger men want to date older women

  • Older women are confident.  By the time you reach 50 you know who you are.  Which means you have more self-confidence, which is very attractive to all men.  A confident woman isn’t clingy or needy, or desperate.  She has her own life and is not likely to need as much attention from a man.  You’re easier to spend time with and a lot less demanding than younger women.  Cougars are sexy for this reason.
  • Older women are looking younger than ever.  You look younger and hotter than ever. Women are taking better care of themselves and doing more to stay young looking.  With good skin care, nutrition, exercise, the right clothing, ( fits your body type) hair and makeup and little botox.  All this gives you a younger appearance.  Certainly younger than previous generations.  Have you seen a so called “Grandmother” these days? She has redefined the term and good for her.  She’s not like any grandma you’ve ever seen.
  • Older women are not looking to start a family.  Into your 50’s you’ve passed the child-bearing stage.  This can be a huge relief for some younger men not looking to start a family.
  • Older women are more realistic.  At 50 you’re savvy about how the world works. That means you know that dating a younger man, while a lot a fun, however it might not lead to anything deeper or serious.  That is fine by you.  You’re flattered by the younger man’s attention yet you recognize that the relationship is not likely to last long term.  If you are emotionally strong enough to accept the relationship for what it is.  Gofor it!


  1. How grateful am I?

  2. Where am I in my relationship with God?

  3. Write down your blessings on a sheet of paper.

  4. What could I have done differently?

  5. What areas do I need to improve?

  6. Which are my strengths?

  7. What do I want to focus on in the new year?

  8. What’s important to me?

  9. Who’s important to me?

  10. Which issues are important?

  11. Which issues are not important?

  12. Which scripture will be my fresh start scripture for the new year?  Example: “Forgetting what lies behind and pressing on to those things which are ahead.”

  13. Where do I go from here?

  14. Which relationships no longer suit me?

  15. Are the activities that I engage in bringing me closer to the things I want or away from the things I want?

  16. Is my career on track or do I need to change course?

  17. If I could change one thing about myself what would it be?

  18. Was I able to help someone this year?

  19. What can I do to enhance the lives of my children?

  20. What one thing can I do to enjoy each day more

     Kid’s reflection questions

How can I show my parents that I appreciate all that they do on a regular basis?

Which subjects in school can I improve on?

Are the people in my social circle a positive group?

What’s the biggest thing I learned this year?

What can I do to make this year better than the last?

What do I want to do when I grow up?

Who is a positive role model that I look up to?

Are the activities I engage in bringing me closer to or away from my goals?

If I could have done one thing differently this year what would have been?

How can I make my parents even more proud of me this year?



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New Years Eve Safety Tips


While New Year’s Eve can be super fun, it can also be super dangerous.  Actually one of the most dangerous holidays of the year.  With tons of people flocking to the streets dressed to the nines and laced with cash and credit cards the potential for crime is high and you’ve got to be smart!  Make sure you are very aware of your surroundings, especially in places you’ve never been.  Be sure to charge your cell phone before you leave the house and have your phone ready with ID in case of emergency.  When traveling in groups there should be a designated driver.  Whatever you do don’t drink and drive!  Have fun and be responsible!


Travel to and from by taxi.  Cab companies in most major cities are offering free rides on New Year’s eve to people who are intoxicated.


Stick together as a group.  If you’re a single woman, better to go out with a group of friends than alone.  New Year’s eve unfortunately is a hotbed of crime, be safe.


Monitor your alcohol intake.  Intoxicated women get taken advantage of.

Young Women In A Bar With One Drunk Friend Passed Out

Be extra careful with fireworks.  The emergency rooms biggest days for firework fatalities are New Year’s eve and fourth of July.


Don’t leave drinks unattended.


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Must have New Year’s eve Date Night Dresses





This New year’s eve you want to sparkle, shimmer and shine! For the biggest party of the year and the biggest date night, you want to look your best! This season it’s all about textures!  Metallics and sequins are trending.  Black is a popular color for New Years eve dresses, however you can mix it up and stand out with color.  From long gowns to cocktail dresses this is your most exciting dress of the year.









What to Wear to New Year's Eve 2015/2016 Parties- Last Minute NYE Party Dresses Jumpsuits -



  •  Ideally you want to wear a dress on New Year’s eve, depending on the venue or event  it’s ok to opt for pants on New Year’s eve, be sure to make it dressy.





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Christmas Day




  • Missing our loved ones in Heaven



istock_christmasbg  In Loving memory of my cousin Cecilia Henson



Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas and God Bless you all From Big Bear California.  It’s a snowy Christmas eve in Big Bear today with a foot of snow so far.



How will you spend your Christmas Eve?


  • Worship service at Church


  • Family Dinner


  • Christmas eve cheer for two



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Romantic Getaway for Parents & SCW Winter Getaway



Happy Holidays From Big Bear California!  10,000 ft above sea level, beautiful picturesque mountains as far as the eye can see.  Didn’t know California had snow?  California is great for its warm weather climate, but at higher elevations there is indeed cold and snow.  My husband and I love getting away from it all and coming here snuggling by a roaring fire.  It’s a couples winter getaway this year for my husband and I.  It felt great to wake up to the mountains this morning.  Spending Christmas here will be just perfect after all of our hard work this year.
Thinking of ways to spend some quality time with your spouse this season?  In addition to hotels with room service, you could do a bed and breakfast, they’re always a quaint and cozy. Winter is great for cozy winter cabins, you can rent them.  There are several different types you can get depending on amenities, view, etc… priced to fit every budget.  But remember you can’t put a price on the memories you’ll acquire.

The slopes of Big Bear Mountain



Here are some pictures from our last Big Bear Family vacation.


Playing with the kids in the snow!






Carving out time to spend with your husband during the holidays can be tough. With never  ending holiday to do lists, endless errands, and children’s activities.  Make your marriage the priority this season. Devote some quality time to your one and only this holiday season.  Here are 7 holiday winter dates to spark some romance this season.


  1. Weekend Getaway.  Drop off the kids at their grandparents make the necessary arrangements and getaway.  It could be a Friday, Saturday stay or live on the edge and stay Sunday too. There are several options, in addition to nice hotels with room service, you might try a Bed and breakfast. Winter is great for renting cabins.  My husband and I like to getaway to a cozy mountain cabin in winter.  Getaways are a great way for parents to stay connected.


2.  Go Sledding. Nothing rekindles romance like laughter and laughing together, go ahead big kids can have fun too.


3. Netflix and chill. Put the kids to bed.  Grab some blankets, hot coffee, warm up the fireplace. Choose a holiday themed movie or whatever you enjoy, make some snacks and relax.


4.  Live music clubs. These places usually have a thirty and over crowd very laid back and sophisticated.


5. Try a new restaurant for a romantic dinner.  Restaurants that have a romantic theme have dark lighting, and tend to be a little quieter.


  6.  Warm up  at a modern coffee bar with a cappuccino and good conversation just the two of you.


   7.  Play a couples game.  Call it a prelude to intimacy.  There are several different types. You can usually find them at bookstores like Barnes and Nobles.





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Winter Vacation Getaway


The official start of winter begins on December 21st.  It’s the perfect time to start planning your winter getaway if you haven’t already.  Contrary to popular opinion there are some people I, being one of them, that actually likes cold weather and cold weather activities.  For all of my ski buffs and cold weather bunnies we’ve compiled a list of top 5 cold weather destinations and activities for an awesome winter getaway this season.

My husband and I have planned our winter getaway and I’m counting down the days!  With busy schedules and heavy workloads we’re looking forward to some much-needed rest and relaxation and a retreat from all the hustle and bustle.  Shop online for winter deals and discounts for the best resorts, hotels, and accommodations to make this your best winter getaway yet.

Top 5 winter Destinations

Aspen ColoradoIs situated in a remote area of the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of just below 8,000 feet. Outdoor enthusiasts know Aspen as a top-notch winter resort town.


Vancouver CanadaAmazing views, beautiful mountains, awesome fishing and year round vacation fun.


Lake TahoeIs the largest fresh water lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains.  You’ll be awestruck by the picturesque views of snow-capped mountains.


Rochester New YorkA city on the southern shore of Lake Ontario in upstate New York.  From family friendly activities, to professional sports, museums, galleries, shopping and more.  Rochester has something for everyone.


SwitzerlandThe Swiss Alps occupy the greater part of the territory. Awesome skiing and amazing tours. Get your winter adventure in Switzerland.


Top 5 Winter sport activities


Skier --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Ice skating






Romantic walks in the woods


A family snowball fight


  • Winter getaway ski trip packing


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Couples Christmas Gifts


Searching for the perfect couples gift items?  When buying a couples gift the challenge is how do you buy something that both will love?  Or how do you find the perfect gift for your significant other?  I think the best approach is to strive to choose a gift that will be useful! (86 the ugly ties and fruit baskets). We’re striving for unique and memorable.

   Top 5 Couples Gifts for 2016


    Romantic Gift Basket for couples


    Digital Picture Frame


    Romantic camping set for two


    A Roku 3, Premium TV Content


    A tennis bracelet she will love


    Give a gift card to a restaurant ( the best for a couple).



  • Bonus Gifts for Engagement or Married Couples


     Personalized Picture Frame




    Top 5 Apps for the holidays 2016



    Fitness pal app, Get fit for 2017


    Tripcase, trip planner


    Santa’s bag app


     Stub hub concert tickets


Camme selfie app




  • Airline prices continue to rise. However there are many discount ticket services available to military families.  Many of the airlines offer miles programs and discounted policies for service members and their families Check online as well as call and talk to them to be clear about all that is available for you.


  • Finding an affordable hotel is always a challenge, however there are numerous military lodging options. Many hotels have their own discount programs for military families. Marriott for example offers rooms at the military per diem rate for service members as well as extended stay services to families who are moving to a new base. In addition to resorts and hotels temporary on base lodging is available to service members during their travel it’s typically low-cost or free of charge.  You would contact the specific branch that you are going to see how their process works each branch is different but definitely worth checking into.

Welcome to the Embassy Suites hotel.

  • If you are a service man or woman worst case scenario you can’t make it home for Christmas, you can Skype with your family.  Skype has become the most  popular way for people over distance to stay in touch.




Verse of the day:


Author’s Note:

Print The posts this week were pre-edited to go out since this is such a crazy busy week with the holidays. However, we want to address the tragic events in the news of this week.  Our hearts go out to Turkey, Switzerland, Russia and Germany all of which are viewers of SCW and impacted by recent terrorist attacks.  Two scriptures to bring peace to your minds and hearts.

Psalm 37:9, Evil doers shall be cut off!”   Psalm 23:4, Though I walk through the darkest valley I will fear no evil.”


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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Holiday


It’s the little things that make Christmas special. I love to stuff the stockings for the kids. Having a hard time thinking of what to stuff stockings with? There’s lots to choose from and you can get as creative as you’d like. Edibles, non-edibles,packaged candy, small bottles of perfume or cologne. Anything small enough to fit inside the stocking. I’ve given small devotional books that fit inside, Dvds, whatever the person would like that your buying the stocking for. Concentrate on what the person likes and fill it with lots of little things. Stockings are so fun much because you never know what you’ll find inside.


  • Women





  • Men







  • Kids







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Christmas Dinner Menu Guide


Want to make an impression on your guests with the perfect Holiday feasts?  Browse our collection of show stopping main course entrees, side dishes, and desserts to keep your guests talking long after dinner. Christmas dinner is a traditional meal.  The meal can take place Christmas eve, and or Christmas day in tradition of the Christian feast day celebration. It’s a significant part of gatherings held to celebrate Christmas. No gathering is complete without a holiday feast! SCW has you covered with step by step instructions.


  • Ham


  • Turkey

Holiday Turkey Dinner

  • Mashed potatoes and gravy


  • Gravy


  • Green beans


  • Stuffing


  • Christmas Holiday Roast Beef


  • Leg of Lamb



  • Holiday drink


  • Deserts









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SCW 2017 Highlights & Verse of the Day



Hello friends,
To God be the Glory
in spite of whatever problems you may have.  Yesterday was my official start of my holiday winter break. Although I’ll have other work endeavors to keep me busy, right now I’m just concentrating on the holidays and family. So I want to give you guys the full schedule for the upcoming new year. As I said there will be posts for the remainder of the year, lots to read.  Once 2017 arrives we will kick off the new year with some awesome posts for the first week of the new year.  After the first week of January there will be encouragement daily of course.  However there will only be time to post on specific days.  Until then you have over 600 posts to enjoy.  I will return in February in time for Valentines Day!

Coming up in January 2017:

  • Get healthy and Fit for 2017

  • Habits of successful Couples

  • Habits of financially successful women

  • Revamp your online Profile

  • Women’s ministry

  • Women in Business

    2017 SCW post schedule Highlights:

  • Valentines date night outfits

  • Valentines date night dates

  • Posts for Married Couples

  • Posts for Singles

  • Posts for Family life

  • Posts to build faith

  • Spring date night outfits

  • Spring Date Nights

  • Spring Getaway

  • Wedding Season posts

  • Mothers Day gifts for mom

  • Mothers Day dates

  • Memorial Day

  • Summer Getaway

  • Summer fashionistas date night outfits

  • Summer date nights

  • Fall date night outfits

  • fall date nights

  • Thanksgiving Holiday Posts

  • Christmas Holiday Posts

  • New years  Holiday posts

SCW will post on all important dates and holidays throughout the year.  We’ve been doing revamping to the site.  Don’t forget to check out our new holiday special edition of the “About the Author” page (click the link). Too many posts to name them all, but this gives you an idea of the post schedule and what to expect. We’re really excited for the new year!

Smart tip of the day: Never lose hope!  This is the season of hope.


  • My wish for you is that those who are bound God Grants Freedom

  • Those who are lost God grants sight and direction

  • Those who spirits are dark God grants light

  • Those of you who need guidance, God will show you the way

  • Those who need Love God sends love your way.

Peace and God Bless to everyone, I hope you get everything you want and if you don’t get it, God just has something better for you!  Trust in him!


We thank all our blessed readers and followers for your continued support and prayers. We appreciate You!

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Holiday Affirmation






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Holiday Expenses on a Tight Budget


This time of sharing with family and friends is one of God’s greatest blessings. Unfortunately the holiday season can be stressful when you’re on a tight budget. The gifts, the food, the traveling expenses. Planning ahead and making decisions about spending will help the season be more enjoyable.

Smart Tip of the day:  When you’re on a tight budget the key is to: Keep it simple!



  • Spread some holiday cheer with fresh garland from the tree lot where you purchased your tree.  Some stores will let you have it free when you buy a tree. Fresh Garland smells great, very festive and you can do a lot with it.  Spread it on banisters, doors, fireplaces, outside and inside the house.
  • If you have a fireplace dress it up with stockings, candles, ornaments.
  • Develop a Budget. For each person list a specific amount you want to spend and ideas for the gifts. Research the items before you buy so you will know exactly how much you need beforehand, no surprises.
  • Review your regular monthly budget, factoring in holiday expenses. So the question becomes what is left over to spend minus priorities.
  • Avoid Impulse shopping. If you have your list when you are shopping you’ll be less likely to impulse shop.
  • Avoid using credit to purchase holiday gifts if you won’t have the funds to pay for the balance of the debt next month, that should be avoided. If you already have a tight budget adding debt payments will make it tighter throughout the year.
  • Be realistic.  You are in control of the decisions you make about spending. Make a plan for your holiday budget that works and stick to it.

Author’s Note:  My gift to you! Well guys today is the day of my finals, the end of the semester and the official start of my winter holiday break.  After the finals it is now time for me to turn my attention to the blessings of the season, which is family and some much-needed R&R (rest and relaxation).  However my blessed readers I have not forgotten you. My gift to you will be, (although I’m on vacation) New  Scheduled Posts to take you through the new year!  And brand new posts to kick off the new year!  So keep it right here because we are celebrating all month-long!


Coming up Next Week! Don’t miss :

Holiday dinner menu Guide

Stocking stuffers

Winter Holiday Getaway

Couples Gifts

SCW’s double post/SCW holiday getaway (sharing our getaway with you)/ Romantic Holiday for parents


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