Christmas Holiday Entertaining

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How do you make holiday entertaining less stressful?

It’s a frenzied season with many expectations and obligations. Presents have to be purchased, baking has to be done, guests are coming, relatives have to be visited. In a season where you should experience peace  and joy you could miss it all in the midst of the excitement. Here are some tips to manage stress this Christmas season while enjoying time with families and friends.



5 Tips for making Christmas Holiday Entertaining Less Stressful


  • At least one week prior to your event, make a list. Plan the menu, decide what errands you need to run and establish your guest list and send out invitations.  (formal invites need to be sent beginning of December). Even if you’re not a planner and don’t love lists like I do. Planning every detail eliminates stress and takes the last-minute decision-making and guest work out of the day.


  • Set your table in advance. As far in advance as possible. Decide if it will be buffet style or serving style. For small dinner parties serving is fine. But if it’s a large number of people buffet is the way to go. In a formally set table stack your dishes to give it an elegant flair.


  • Good music is essential to a great part and adds atmosphere. Put together a festive playlist with favorites and classic for your guests.


  • A simple way to give your holiday decorations a professional look is to stick to a color scheme two or three colors max.


  • Have a children’s table if there are going to be children there.  So children will be kept entertained, while guests socialize and mingle.


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