Winter Safety and Holiday Travel Tips


Celebrating the beauty of winter!  The frigid temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. These simple winter skin care tips will show you how to protect your skin, while you enjoy the season.

Vector greeting card illustration with snowflakes on a Christmas theme.

Protect your skin from the cold weather. Bundle up. Cover your head, neck, and hands.


Stay Hydrated.  Just because the heat is gone doesn’t mean your body needs less water.  If you often have chapped lips, and dry skin all over your body during the winter months, this likely due to dehydration. The skin dries out during winter.  Replenish your skin with adequate amounts of water. (recommended 8 glasses per day) however, just do the best you can.


Moisturize your skin.  Apply an allover body moisturizer daily after bathing.


Beat the Winter Blues by socializing.  The winter blues formerly known as SAD “Seasonal Affective Disorder”.  It’s a medically recognized form of depression that occurs when the weather grows colder and days get shorter.  While there’s no way to control the weather you can decrease the feeling of depression.  Socialize regularly.  Get outdoors with your kids in the sun, plan outdoor activities.


Take vitamins.  Winter is the time for getting colds and spreading viruses, with people remaining indoors most of the time. due to the cold weather make sure your immune system as what it needs to fight off germs and keep you healthy.



Travel Holiday tips

  • When traveling by plane for the holidays always leave at least 2 hours early for the airport. During heavier travel times there is road traffic and delays to consider as well as the airport traffic itself.  For your sanity do yourself a favor and leave earlier.
  • Pack as light as you can for your holiday travel.  For women I know this is a stretch.  With airport security getting stricter on baggage limits and weight allowances costing you extra time and money, it’s just more advantageous to pack lighter and avoid the hassle.  1 carry on, 1 checked bag. I once had to pay $80 dollars in overweight baggage fees.
  • If traveling by car.  Always have your car serviced before long road trips.  In addition you should have a car emergency kit in your car for your family.


          Car emergency kit




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