Holiday Expenses on a Tight Budget


This time of sharing with family and friends is one of God’s greatest blessings. Unfortunately the holiday season can be stressful when you’re on a tight budget. The gifts, the food, the traveling expenses. Planning ahead and making decisions about spending will help the season be more enjoyable.

Smart Tip of the day:  When you’re on a tight budget the key is to: Keep it simple!



  • Spread some holiday cheer with fresh garland from the tree lot where you purchased your tree.  Some stores will let you have it free when you buy a tree. Fresh Garland smells great, very festive and you can do a lot with it.  Spread it on banisters, doors, fireplaces, outside and inside the house.
  • If you have a fireplace dress it up with stockings, candles, ornaments.
  • Develop a Budget. For each person list a specific amount you want to spend and ideas for the gifts. Research the items before you buy so you will know exactly how much you need beforehand, no surprises.
  • Review your regular monthly budget, factoring in holiday expenses. So the question becomes what is left over to spend minus priorities.
  • Avoid Impulse shopping. If you have your list when you are shopping you’ll be less likely to impulse shop.
  • Avoid using credit to purchase holiday gifts if you won’t have the funds to pay for the balance of the debt next month, that should be avoided. If you already have a tight budget adding debt payments will make it tighter throughout the year.
  • Be realistic.  You are in control of the decisions you make about spending. Make a plan for your holiday budget that works and stick to it.

Author’s Note:  My gift to you! Well guys today is the day of my finals, the end of the semester and the official start of my winter holiday break.  After the finals it is now time for me to turn my attention to the blessings of the season, which is family and some much-needed R&R (rest and relaxation).  However my blessed readers I have not forgotten you. My gift to you will be, (although I’m on vacation) New  Scheduled Posts to take you through the new year!  And brand new posts to kick off the new year!  So keep it right here because we are celebrating all month-long!


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