SCW 2017 Highlights & Verse of the Day



Hello friends,
To God be the Glory
in spite of whatever problems you may have.  Yesterday was my official start of my holiday winter break. Although I’ll have other work endeavors to keep me busy, right now I’m just concentrating on the holidays and family. So I want to give you guys the full schedule for the upcoming new year. As I said there will be posts for the remainder of the year, lots to read.  Once 2017 arrives we will kick off the new year with some awesome posts for the first week of the new year.  After the first week of January there will be encouragement daily of course.  However there will only be time to post on specific days.  Until then you have over 600 posts to enjoy.  I will return in February in time for Valentines Day!

Coming up in January 2017:

  • Get healthy and Fit for 2017

  • Habits of successful Couples

  • Habits of financially successful women

  • Revamp your online Profile

  • Women’s ministry

  • Women in Business

    2017 SCW post schedule Highlights:

  • Valentines date night outfits

  • Valentines date night dates

  • Posts for Married Couples

  • Posts for Singles

  • Posts for Family life

  • Posts to build faith

  • Spring date night outfits

  • Spring Date Nights

  • Spring Getaway

  • Wedding Season posts

  • Mothers Day gifts for mom

  • Mothers Day dates

  • Memorial Day

  • Summer Getaway

  • Summer fashionistas date night outfits

  • Summer date nights

  • Fall date night outfits

  • fall date nights

  • Thanksgiving Holiday Posts

  • Christmas Holiday Posts

  • New years  Holiday posts

SCW will post on all important dates and holidays throughout the year.  We’ve been doing revamping to the site.  Don’t forget to check out our new holiday special edition of the “About the Author” page (click the link). Too many posts to name them all, but this gives you an idea of the post schedule and what to expect. We’re really excited for the new year!

Smart tip of the day: Never lose hope!  This is the season of hope.


  • My wish for you is that those who are bound God Grants Freedom

  • Those who are lost God grants sight and direction

  • Those who spirits are dark God grants light

  • Those of you who need guidance, God will show you the way

  • Those who need Love God sends love your way.

Peace and God Bless to everyone, I hope you get everything you want and if you don’t get it, God just has something better for you!  Trust in him!


We thank all our blessed readers and followers for your continued support and prayers. We appreciate You!

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