Couples Christmas Gifts


Searching for the perfect couples gift items?  When buying a couples gift the challenge is how do you buy something that both will love?  Or how do you find the perfect gift for your significant other?  I think the best approach is to strive to choose a gift that will be useful! (86 the ugly ties and fruit baskets). We’re striving for unique and memorable.

   Top 5 Couples Gifts for 2016


    Romantic Gift Basket for couples


    Digital Picture Frame


    Romantic camping set for two


    A Roku 3, Premium TV Content


    A tennis bracelet she will love


    Give a gift card to a restaurant ( the best for a couple).



  • Bonus Gifts for Engagement or Married Couples


     Personalized Picture Frame




    Top 5 Apps for the holidays 2016



    Fitness pal app, Get fit for 2017


    Tripcase, trip planner


    Santa’s bag app


     Stub hub concert tickets


Camme selfie app




  • Airline prices continue to rise. However there are many discount ticket services available to military families.  Many of the airlines offer miles programs and discounted policies for service members and their families Check online as well as call and talk to them to be clear about all that is available for you.


  • Finding an affordable hotel is always a challenge, however there are numerous military lodging options. Many hotels have their own discount programs for military families. Marriott for example offers rooms at the military per diem rate for service members as well as extended stay services to families who are moving to a new base. In addition to resorts and hotels temporary on base lodging is available to service members during their travel it’s typically low-cost or free of charge.  You would contact the specific branch that you are going to see how their process works each branch is different but definitely worth checking into.

Welcome to the Embassy Suites hotel.

  • If you are a service man or woman worst case scenario you can’t make it home for Christmas, you can Skype with your family.  Skype has become the most  popular way for people over distance to stay in touch.




Verse of the day:


Author’s Note:

Print The posts this week were pre-edited to go out since this is such a crazy busy week with the holidays. However, we want to address the tragic events in the news of this week.  Our hearts go out to Turkey, Switzerland, Russia and Germany all of which are viewers of SCW and impacted by recent terrorist attacks.  Two scriptures to bring peace to your minds and hearts.

Psalm 37:9, Evil doers shall be cut off!”   Psalm 23:4, Though I walk through the darkest valley I will fear no evil.”


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