New Years Eve Safety Tips


While New Year’s Eve can be super fun, it can also be super dangerous.  Actually one of the most dangerous holidays of the year.  With tons of people flocking to the streets dressed to the nines and laced with cash and credit cards the potential for crime is high and you’ve got to be smart!  Make sure you are very aware of your surroundings, especially in places you’ve never been.  Be sure to charge your cell phone before you leave the house and have your phone ready with ID in case of emergency.  When traveling in groups there should be a designated driver.  Whatever you do don’t drink and drive!  Have fun and be responsible!


Travel to and from by taxi.  Cab companies in most major cities are offering free rides on New Year’s eve to people who are intoxicated.


Stick together as a group.  If you’re a single woman, better to go out with a group of friends than alone.  New Year’s eve unfortunately is a hotbed of crime, be safe.


Monitor your alcohol intake.  Intoxicated women get taken advantage of.

Young Women In A Bar With One Drunk Friend Passed Out

Be extra careful with fireworks.  The emergency rooms biggest days for firework fatalities are New Year’s eve and fourth of July.


Don’t leave drinks unattended.


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