New Year’s Eve


The United States New Year’s Eve is celebrated by formal parties, family oriented activities, and other large public events. The most prominent celebration in this country is the ball drop held in New York City Times Square.  The ball is lowered from 70 ft high. The ball drop has been held since 1907.  Radio and television broadcasts the festivities from New York including popular acts of pop culture.  The events average 10 million spectators annually. Other notable celebrations are held around the world such as the Las Vegas strip New Year’s Eve celebration.  The strip is closed to vehicle traffic and a large fireworks display is held at midnight, which spans across multiple resort buildings.

Disneyland theme parks also hold New Year’s celebrations. Including both Disneyland in California and Disney world in Florida.  Los Angeles, a city long without a major public New Years celebration now holds an inaugural gathering in Downtown’s Grant Park with a media light show  started in 2014.  In France New Years is celebrated by a feast.  The feast includes special seafood dishes such as oysters and champagne.  So no matter the culture or geographical location New Year’s celebrations are very special for all!



Rome Italy

How will you spend your New year’s eve?

  • Church service


  • Masquerade Ball


  • Hanging out with friends


  • Just the two of you


  • Fireworks



Happy new year to all our followers and viewers you have made our year special! We wish you love, peace, and prosperity today and throughout the new year!

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