Women in Business & Entrepreneurship



Never in history have women been more successful or more empowered than they are today. The growing prevalence of female entrepreneurship of all races didn’t happen by accident.  It’s proof that legislation targeted at women and minority small business owners had an effect. The small business jobs act of 2010 and the Women’s equity and contracting act both of which seek to help businesses headed up by women win more government contracts.  It helped to put women owned businesses and minority owned businesses at a competitive edge.  The progress for minority women has been particularly swift.  With business ownership skyrocketing 265% since 1997.  Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith for your future.


Being a business owner doesn’t mean you’re limited to having a brick and mortar store to spotlight your skills and make money. The internet offers you a wealth of opportunities to start your own business, often with little to no cost.  By focusing on your strengths you’ll be able to build a client roster and get your online business started.  These businesses can be done full or part-time.

Top 5 online Businesses for Women

  1. Social media Consultant – Larger companies hire an agency or full-time staff member to manage their social media accounts.  Small businesses usually have to handle their own accounts.  Business owners are often too busy, overwhelmed, or uneducated about the importance of a social media presence. As a consultant you can help them learn their best tactics for developing a media presence that works.
  2. Web Design – Nothing worse than a poorly done website.  You can put your skills to use for business owners who want to take their business to the next level.  Create attractive easy to use websites for small business.
  3. Online personal assistant – Do you have impeccable organizational skills, good communication, and problem solving skills?  You can put your skills to use by becoming an.
  4. Professional Freelancer – With more companies turning to part-time contracted workers the opportunity has never been better to become a professional freelancer.  Which is providing business with a variety of freelance services.  Depending on your skill set you can work for multiple companies at once.
  5. Affiliate Marketing – If you’re a person who loves leaving reviews online like amazon, vacation sites etc.. you can get paid for doing it.  If you have a personal website with a large following this can work to your advantage.  PR reps are always seeking out brand advocates.





Small start-up businesses

Businesswoman businessman reunion laptop desk colleagues

Fashion Design
small-business-alternative-lendersA nursery or flower shop

Smiling Mature Woman Florist Small Business Flower Shop Owner. Shallow Focus.

how-to-be-a-business-ownerPastry shop

women-business-ownerA consultant







Two attractive young people discussing business behind the counter of their deli



Couple standing in front of organic food store smiling

Small Business Owner Green Road Sign and Clouds

a sign post with marketing and strategy on street like signs




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